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[edit] What is a Community Match?

It is a fairly common occurrence for different Renegade communities (the groups of players populating a particular server, or the members of a large clan, for instance) to arrange "community matches" pitting one team against another. Typically, a date and time is set a few weeks in advance, rules and maps are designated, and each community picks their team beforehand.

[edit] Why play a Community Match?

There is a key difference between a community match and a typical public server one might join: you pick your own team, which for the most part will comprise of the players you enjoy gaming with (and against) whenever you play in your favourite server. Therefore, everyone is there for the same purpose - to work as a team. Nobody need worry about selfish tank thieves or gung-ho players who have no interest in teamwork, nor are there players who have only just bought the game and are unfamiliar with the game's controls, map layouts and basic strategies. Furthermore, cheating is extremely rare because the players realise they have a community's reputation to represent. As a result of all of these factors, it is possible to achieve a much higher level of teamwork and strategy than in a public server. It is also possible to assign each player a role based on their strengths - for example, the best snipers can contribute to the team in this way, supporting the best tank drivers, with dependable defenders, and so on.

[edit] What is the Community Gaming Network?

The Community Gaming Network, or "Renegade CGN" for short, is a concept founded in March 2007 by Spoony. The main purpose behind Renegade CGN is to make it easier for communities to arrange these events and therefore make the events more common. This is achieved simply by having gathered a group of like-minded communities and better communication between them. For example, a representative of a community in the Renegade CGN can offer an "open challenge" on a particular date, on a forum specifically devoted to bringing these like-minded gamers together. The second goal behind the Renegade CGN is to provide a uniform set of rules to govern these community matches, and a Code of Conduct which relates to such things as cheating, overly abusive players, and so on. Finally, it also provides a forum section devoted to match result screenshots, so a community can easily archive the results of their matches. This is, of course, not designed for "bragging rights". The forum governing the Renegade CGN can be found at Renegadeforums.com. The direct link to the forum section is here

[edit] How to join the Renegade CGN?

Any community or clan can join the Renegade CGN, and signing up does not make you obligated to play any matches. Firstly, your community or clan should elect a "spokesperson" - perhaps an admin of the community or the leader of the clan. This representative will act as the contact between your community and others in the Renegade CGN. To join, send a private message to Spoony on the official Renegade Forums giving the following information:

- The name of the community

- The chosen Representative

- A contact e-mail address for the Representative

The Representative will be given posting rights in the Renegade CGN Forum. The Renegade CGN Forum is publicly viewable by any member of the Official Renegade Forums, but only the elected spokespersons for each community can post. This is to keep the forums clean and spam-free. Members of each community can bring up concerns to their Representative who can post on their behalf.

Note: The Renegade CGN is still in its developmental stages - however, it is still quite possible to sign your community up.

[edit] Which communities are currently on board?

Here follows a list of each community who has signed up to the Renegade CGN, in chronological order of signup. The name of their chosen Representative is also given.

Clanwars.cc: Spoony (MaidenTy1)

Black-Cell.net: Egg098

Jelly Community: Wyld1USA

N00bstories: Jason761

N00bless.com: Fooker (Enforcer)

-=[UN]=Rules: Wyld1USA

BlackIntel: EvilWhiteDragon

The KOSs2: Goztow

Dead 6: b2412 (TD6|b2412)

Fnfalls/Gamerz0ne: Choco84

[+TRPM+]: Trooprm02

Neo Gods Community: MathK1LL

EKT - Elite Kamikaze Team: Goku (songokuk)

[edit] How is the Renegade CGN moderated?

The concept was suggested by Spoony and approved by the administrators of the Official Renegade Forums. The forum governing the Renegade CGN is moderated by Spoony, however this is only for the purpose of keeping the forums organised, stickying important threads, and giving posting priviledges to the Representatives of each community. No community will be denied entry to the Renegade CGN as long as they are willing to abide by the rules that are agreed upon. In addition, no one person or group will arbitrarily eject a community from the Renegade CGN. If it is felt that a community's conduct should result in their removal from the Renegade CGN (for example, due to its members cheating) then this decision will be made as a result of debate and vote among the chosen Representatives.

[edit] Match History

Communities that are part of the Renegade CGN are encouraged to submit a record of community matches they play, though this is not compulsory.

14th April 2007: N00bstories vs Clanwars.cc

28th April 2007: N00bstories vs The KOSs2

20th May 2007: Clanwars.cc vs Jelly-Games

27th May 2007: Clanwars.cc vs N00bstories

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