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[edit] 24 July 2006

[edit] Servers on GameSpy. - Whitedragon

No image.png

BCServ5 and BCServ4 are now listed on Gamespy via WOLSpy.

Meaning that regular players can join from Gamespy, ASE, or +connect now. VIPs and moderators, however, will still have to be logged into XWIS to join the server. This was done for security reasons, we can't have someone with any kind of power getting their nick stolen.

If you're a VIP or moderator and do want to join from Gamespy/ASE/+connect, you have 2 options:

  • Use another nick
  • If you have a static IP, ask us to add an IP exception for your nick. Basically, this will allow a VIP or mod to join from Gamespy/ASE/+connect only if they're playing on a certain IP. If you want one of these added for you, make a post in this topic asking. If you don't have a static IP don't bother asking, we're not going to be changing your IP every day for you.

The nick length limit is set at 35 and will not allow characters below "!" or above "~".

[edit] 23 July 2006

[edit] New Forums - ccfan4326

No image.png

Welcome to the new forums! We've moved from Invision Power Board 1.x to Simple Machines Forums, which offers new features and is actively supported/updated, unlike IPB 1.x. We're currently using the default skin and playing around with some other premade skins, but plan to have a new one that will resemble the old forum skin. You may notice some strange and/or broken things as we're still working on getting everything set up properly, sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, and we finally have a proper URL now;!

[edit] 09 July 2006

[edit] Another New Ladder - Whitedragon

No image.png

Once again we have a new ladder system up, which can be viewed here. It works very similar to the old ladder:

  • Ladder is ranked by Ladder Points
  • Ladder Points are calculated using the following formula: Ladder Points = (Veteran Points + (Score/100))
  • Both servers use the same ladder


[edit] 27 November 2005

[edit] Winners of the Game Mode Competition - Whitedragon

No image.png

T1m0theY won the game wins competition with 9 wins.

Ox0c won the kills per minute competition, getting 2.4 kills per minute, 265 kills in 1 hour 50 minutes.

[edit] 13 November 2005

[edit] Game Mode Competitions - Whitedragon

No image.png will now be hosting a weekly event called the Game Mode Competition, during this event one of our servers will be switched over to the CTF or DM game mode. More information can be found in the official announcement here.

[edit] 12 November 2005

[edit] Awesome CnC Case - kopaka649 (I don't have anything to do with this, just lettiing everyone know)


Some really dedicated guy (Edvuld) has made this really awesome computer case based on the Temple of Nod, looks great with loads of LEDs. Best case mod ever. Period. Click the header for more information (on CnCDen). -Note that this Casemod has been honored on the Bonus-DVD from the First Decade and it was sold on Ebay later.

[edit] 8 November 2005

[edit] The Fury of the Messiah - exnyte

No image.png

The Fury of the Messiah is still being updated by KIRBY098. For those of you who don't know, The Fury is the second continuing story of KIRBY's. His original story, The Scorpion's Tale is still available to read and download. Both are available at

[edit] 5 November 2005

[edit] Donations status = WE MADE IT! - Crimson

No image.png

Wow! The generosity of this community has really surprised me. In just 5 days, we reached our $300 goal! We hope that over the course of this weekend, the finishing touches will be made on RenGuard 1.04 in anticipation of our private beta test.

Thanks again for the great support!

[edit] 3 November 2005

[edit] RenGuard Donation Status - Crimson

No image.png

Thanks to the incredible generosity of this community, we have already been donated $215 towards the new protection software for RenGuard 1.04! That just leaves $85 to go! Thanks SO much for the great response!

[edit] 26 October 2005

[edit] New Documentation! - Whitedragon

No image.png

There is now a new online Dragonade documentation which can be viewed here. It includes detailed descriptions of every feature in Dragonade, including what they do and how to use them. Please refer any new users to this if they have any questions about a feature.

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