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14-08-2016: PLEASE NOTE - Many of these sites are now offline, and are no longer available. If you REALLY want to visit some of these sites, fill in the links on to find back snippets of these sites from people who were nice enough to make snapshots. There is no guarantee that this will work, however.


[edit] Software sites (Downloads)

[edit] NOTE= This is a restored snapshot from late 2008 (during the golden age of Renegade)! Most Links are outdated, I will fix this but that will take some days/weeks).

These sites are specifically to provide some sort of software for the community. Here you will find Maps, Skins, Mods and much more.

SERVER files for Server Admins

DEVELOPMENT files for mappers and modders

CLIENT files for the players

DOWNLOAD resources especially for C&C Renegade -here you will find almost all files you need

Conversions, mods and Stuff

[edit] Fan Sites

These sites provide fans a place to discuss the game. Some of these sites have unique content related to the game. Others provide useful information about the game, tactics and stuff. To complete this section, Gaming Community sites related to Renegade will be listed here too.

RENEGADE VIDEOS. Created by players and uploaded on the well-known Web2.0 sites

NOSTALGIA -old/forgotten/discontinued fan sites about Renegade. They aren't offline yet and on some of them you can even download stuff.

[edit] Non-English speaking forums/fan sites

These boards provide fans a place to discuss the game in languages other than English.

These sites provide fans a place of Information about the game in languages other than English.

[edit] Specialty sites

These sites don't fit any categories above.

Wikipedia Special: Renegade. The big three languages + dutch -because the dutchies are a big part of the Ren Universe.

[edit] Game Servers

These sites are the web presence for their Renegade servers. (alphabetical order)

[edit] Game Servers Hosts

These sites host Renegade Servers.

NOTE: These are special offers where the Renegade FDS is pre-installed on the machine. These are specific Gamerserver hosting offers. You also can rent a regular server box from any dedicated server host and run the FDS on it for more control.

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