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Draft Stage


[edit] Introduction

The Deadeye(GDI) or Black Hand Sniper(Nod) are some of the most versatile units in Renegade. Depending on the skill of the individual who uses it, these units can decimate any infantry, and badger light vehicles on the field.

[edit] Explained

The Black Hand Sniper (or Deadeye if you are on GDI) is meant to be used by the crafty because of its light hitpoints and armor, and inability to damage heavily armored vehicles. Its hitpoints stand at a meager 200/100, but looks can be deceiving. The Black Hand Sniper is armed with 32 bullets(4 per clip) and fires very quickly. This trait allows for the unit's quick recovery when they miss their mark. This unit is not restricted to fragging meager infantry though, it can also be a worthy adversary to long range vehicle units (GDI MRLS/Nod Artillery), lightly armored Units such as the Nod Buggy or GDI Humvee, as well as all VTOL units (Nod Apache, Transport Helicopter and GDI Orca).

[edit] Use of this Unit

Renegade is a game of gameplay, not realism. Snipers need to take this into account when playing this game. I have created a list of the top eleven things a good sniper should do to become a great sniper.

Number Rule Why
1 Never Walk in a Straight line. Any Experienced Snipers thrive on people walking in straight lines. This will provide an easy headshot.
2 Keep your Scope at Mid level. This will aid you in any distance be it mid to high distance range.
3 Use the Scope Sparingly. You don't need the scope in most cases, only in precision shots.
4 Jump. This makes it much more difficult for opposing snipers to shoot you in the head.
5 Look for a pattern in the enemy. Many times, the enemy will shuffle side to side. Choose a spot in the middle where his head is, and fire until you hit.
6 The Walls love you, hug them. Cover using walls and other things can disorient enemy snipers by taking the target box from them.
7 Never turn your back on an opposing sniper Your foot speed is very similar be you moving forward or backward, it is better to face the enemy and fire shots while running.
8 Third Person mode. Switch to third person mode by pushing "f". This allows you to look around walls without exposing yourself
9 Support your tanks. Snipers who snipe just to pad their own stats do nothing for the team. Attempt to snipe repairers of enemy vehicles that give your tanks fits
10 Keep your habits in mind. Do not repeat your motions as an experienced sniper will take notice and use rule # 5 against you.
11 Don't get Greedy. Stay back and do not rush with your sniper. Typically infantry will come to you. In which case you can now take them out at your convenience. If you get over anxious and try to take enemies head-on, you'll like find yourself overcome by multiple enemies. Remeber that the best trait of a sniper is patience!
12 Killing while hiding. Aim at your enemy when dueling and get behind the wall. You'll still see the red box around him. Wait for him to stand in the right position and then kill him by jumping out from the wall. This works in most cases. If you're in a field, take cover behind a rock or bunker, but beware of other snipers since those places are obivous sniper nests.
13 Get some backup. Lone wolfs never survive long! Get some people to come with you, since lone snipers are easy pickings for just about any infantry unit (especially SBHs.) If you're under attack by an enemy infantry, your buddy (or buddies) there you brought along just might save your skin.

[edit] Better than a 1000 Sniper?

In my opinion, the 500(Deadeye and Black Hand sniper) is a much more useful against infantry than the 1000(Havoc and Sakura). It does take much more skill to wield the sniper rifle as opposed to the ramjet, but I would prefer one when facing a Havoc. The 500 sniper has a much faster fire rate, making it easier to recover from a missed shot. This is dangerous because it allows the 500 sniper to concentrate on headshots while the 1000 sniper tries to take body shots. It may take only two body shots to take you down, but it only takes one well placed shot to kill off a Havoc. Another reason for the 500 sniper's superiority is that of points. When you take down a Havoc with a headshot it adds 99 points to your score. Killing the 500 sniper with a headshot awards the player 49 points. If the Havoc or Sakura uses body shots, that player gets 48 points.

Also, the 500 sniper's bullets aren't detectable...the ramjet fires a nice, solid blue line from the rocket engine in the round, which is easy to track back to the source, plus a big, fat round hole, whereas the 500 only leaves a medium-sized bullet hole. This makes 500 snipers perfect for nighttime missions like field, since they're near undetectable if unnoticed.

[edit] Conclusion

This unit is an extremely important part of any successful team in small doses. Teams made up of snipers will get nowhere in an All Out War match. However, keeping a quality sniper can protect your vehicles and infantry from enemy snipers, as well as flying units. Beware, however, that only experienced and crafty snipers should attempt the usage of $500 snipers. If you have a skilled sniper(s) on your team, your enemy better be prepared by bringing body bags. So play it safe, and happy sniping!

-by [GDE]gbull (Still in Draft Stage) Feel free to make any grammatical corrections. Thank you for your corrections. :)

If you have any questions about sniping or wish to challenge some of the best snipers in renegade challenge the C4U Sniping clan, or locate The King of Renegade, Muffinjay, on xwis when your on.

P.S. ALWAYS keep your pistol loaded, if you have an enemy that is very low on health (1-1 1/2 sqaures) and is close enough, theres no need to waste your sniper rounds and chance a miss, use your pistol to finish them off. -Sythe726

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