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There are four factors of lag. If you don't know this already (most do know), press F8 or ~ and type "fps" and press enter. Your FPS, SFPS, KBPS, and PING will appear on the screen.


[edit] FPS

A product of your own system. A combination of processor, RAM, and Video card. When there are more players in the game, there are more people to keep track of and even if your modem is downloading enough information, your computer still has to process it, store it in RAM, and your video card has to draw the screen.

Most players will find 20FPS or higher playable for Renegade. If you have an nVidia card, you'll want to download nvRefresh Tool at http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=1457 to increase your refresh rate in-game to 85 which will also move your FPS's maximum to 85. In your video card settings, you can turn off 'v-sync', which will allow your FPS to reach its full potential, though you might encounter a somewhat tearing screen if you do so.

Your Minimum FPS are important, they should not go under 25-30. To get the Minimum FPS, join a Server with 40 players at least. Good Maps to find out are Field or Hourglass. When it comes to big Rushes, your Frames will drop down. A Minimum of 512MB RAM, a 2Ghz CPU AND a Geforce 6600GT (or similar) or higher is recommended. Users with TFT Monitors should use VSync ON. Nevertheless you can use DNA- or Omegadrivers for your Videocard.

NOTE= Smooth Gameplay in Singleplayer Mode doesn't guarantee smooth Gameplay in Multiplayer Mode. The Minimum System Requirements for SP are way lower than those for MP. For Singleplay, you only need a Geforce2 MX400 and a1,5Ghz CPU...

Renegade is a Game based on DirectX, it eats up your CPU. If your computer has enough power, there won't be clientsided Lag. Except, your or the servers Connection ist crappy. But this is another Story.

[edit] SFPS

This is strictly a product of the server. The Windows Renegade FDS has a maximum FPS of 60 (though sometimes you will see 61 or 62) and the Linux Renegade FDS a maximum of 50. When there are a lot of players and vehicles, this number can drop, depending on the power of the system running the game. If it's a dedicated server (most are) the RAM and CPU are the only factors. The FDS generates text only so the video card isn't a factor. At least, 1 gigabyte RAM + a 2Ghz (and up) CPU is recommended.

There is a special Servermod which increases the SFPS developed by BlackIntel. This will help against serversided Framedrops.

[edit] KBPS

This is a huge indicator and very common cause of lag. This can be caused by the server OR the player. It's an indicator of how much information you are receiving from the server. If you don't receive enough updates from the server, you and other players will lag. You will "ice-skate" and players will run into walls, then warp back into their right location.

[edit] Causes of KBPS lag

  • The server isn't configured to send enough bandwidth out - Edit server.ini to either auto-detect or use a fixed amount high enough. A 24 player server uses about 2300 kbps on average. Don't forget to set up the NUR (Net Update Rate) from 10 to 30. This is what most of the Admins forget to change.
  • The server can't send enough data. Example, a typical home cable modem is only allowed to send out 256 kbps. If you try to host 24 players at home, you won't be able to send out the 2300 that you need and the players will warp.
  • WOL detected your bandwidth capability too low.
    • Solution: On the screen where it says "Quick Match" / "Advanced Game Listings", "Chat", move your mouse to the left and pick "My Information". Set your connection to something matching what you have instead of auto-detect. Usually this will stop any problems you have and your KBPS will be sufficient.
    • Or, you can manually set your bandwidth budget in-game. Press F8 or ~ and type "sbbo <number>" where <number> is your bandwidth download capability. To find your best number, do this:
      1. Go to http://www.speedtest.net
      2. Choose a location and follow the instructions to test your line speed.
      3. Your results will read something like this:
        • Your download speed : 5610362 bps, or 5610 kbps.
        • A 684.8 KB/sec transfer rate.
      4. The "bps" number is theoretically your maximum download rate. Remove the last digit and round it to a nice even number (I would use 550000 on my results). This is your optimum bandwidth setting. Press F8 or ~, type "sbbo 550000" and press Enter. If your KBPS was too low before, you might see the KBPS increase each second up to the amount the server can send you.
    • Just like a server, if you have a limit on your kbps (like 56k modem), you won't be able to pull down the necessary bandwidth for a lag-free game.

Now that you know this, you can now understand why 56k people don't lag a server. When you connect to the server, you tell it "I can handle 150000 kbps so lay it on me" and the server says "ok dude". It puts together 150000 kb per second and sends it to you. The 56k guy comes on and he says "Go easy on me I can only get 32000 kbps" and the server says "ok dude". So the server puts together 32000 kb per second and sends it to him. The server doesn't have to wait for the 56k guy's updates before you are sent yours. He might warp on your screen as his updates come in late, but he won't make everyone lag, and he won't make you lag. You and the server deal with your connection independently of the other players.

[edit] PING

Ping is a pretty easy factor. Rarely is ping lag caused by you OR the server. It's usually some router between you and the server that's busy. Most players won't notice ping lag until it's about 200+. High ping is sometimes caused when your little brother is leeching on BitTorrent and taking all your bandwidth, and could be caused by the server being too busy to respond to pings (which usually means the SFPS is extremely low as well). Determining the cause of ping lag is beyond the scope of this article, and usually there's nothing you can do except find another server to play on.

I hope this helps you understand lag and stop blaming it on the host when it's not warranted.

So= If the servers conection is lame, join another. Nearly 100% of the CCR Serveradmins don't believe that their Server has a bad connection in this case. Be careful, transcontinental connections sometimes are busy and produce high pings.

If it's your connection, make sure you are the only who has Access to the Internet. Get Fastpath from your ISP, set up the MTU etc correctly. If someone is leeching/seeding on Torrent or whatsoever, he/she takes up all your Upload so your Renegade packets aren't delievered fast enough. This is because TCPIP needs a bit of free Upload Bandwidth to be able to download other Packets.

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