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[edit] Introduction

This tutorial will show you how to set up mIRC. You may want to set this program up to communicate with other players/moderators of a server Network for Renegade.

[edit] Getting Started

You can get mIRC here, after you download the program run it to install it. when you run the program you will see something like this:


[edit] Setting your information

Press the Options icon which was been circled with a red line.


Fill in the name {you can fill anything you like here), Emaill adress and nicknames. Press servers in the upper-left corner (It's circled in red on the image.) Then press add.

[edit] Setting up the server info

Set everything up like this. You can set description to everything you like. Set the group to anything you like (but remember it, we need this for the next step). Change the IRC server to the networks adress you want to connect to. For a list of IRC networks in the community, visit the IRC Network List.


Now look at the image below, I used Black-cell's IRC network as an example again. Because we only set everything up for 1 network this is okay. Now find the IRC Server you setted at the Add window. If you can't find the IRC server change the IRC network to whatever you filled in at group at the Add window.


Okay, we now are gonna set up which channels you join when you connect and automaticly indentify when you connect. Check in the left upper corn and click on Options then click on Perform....


This will indetify us and join the channels #channel1 and #channel2. Change this to channels you wish to join when you connect. IE: /j #the-lounge, /j #xxxserv1. Click OK and then exit Options. Now think of a password that you want to register with and put it in at the /ns indentify mypassword command by changing the mypassword with your prefered password.

[edit] Connecting and Registering

Now press on the yellow icon in the right upper corner or typ /connect in the command/chat bar. You will now connect to the IRC server and join the channels you put in at the perform window. Now typ /ns register [myemail] [mypassword]. Change [myemail] to the E-mail adress that inserted at the beginning of the tutorial. and change [mypassword] to the password you thought of to register with, at the perform window. Now your nickname is registered. Have fun on your Renegade servers IRC network!

NOTE: There are different ways to set up mIRC, it isn't that hard. Just read everything to know what it means/does.

[edit] Commands

Here's a list of commands that you can use in IRC, in the chat bar.

  • /j ; Will join a channel ; syntax /j #[channelname]
  • /s ; Will change the IRC server were you are connected to. ; syntax /s [irc.serveraddress.com]
  • /s -m ; Will connect you to another IRC server without disconnecting you from the current irc server ; syntax /s -m [irc.serveraddress.com]
  • /quit ; Will quit the connection to a server ; syntax /quit [quitmessage]
  • /nick ; WIll change your mIRC nick ; syntax /nick [noobhead]
  • /ns identify [yourpassword] ; WIll indentify yourself on the IRC network
  • /ns register [emailadress] [password] ; Will register you to an IRC network
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