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[edit] You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Add any random questions here and see if anyone will answer them. They MUST be renegade related.

[edit] Answered Questions

[edit] !donate and In-Game Donations

Q: I am often asked to give credits to allow someone to buy a character etc, and try to (using !donate name 5000), but it doesnt work. A list of useful in game communications would be useful.

A: Press your teamchat key(F3 by default) and type in "!donate <nick> <amount>". If that does not work then the server you're playing on might not have donate enabled.

[edit] Hosting a Co-op game

Q: How do you host Co-op games online?

A: You need to host a dedicated server (RenFDS; not from the Advanced Listings) and have Co-Op scripts on your server. < Co-Op Scripts.

[edit] In-Game Ranks

Q:What are the ranks in the game besides recruit and MVP?=

A:It used to be that the rank beside your name depended on your actual rank (press F2 and type !rank name to view). However, the display beside your name doesnt change any more since it is not supported by Westwood anymore. However, if you want to change your ranks, aim for most kills, most points, and highest K/D ratio in a game.

[edit] Yellow Star by Your Name

Q: What does a yellow star next to your name mean?=

A: This will appear on the gameover screen, and its there so that you can easily find your name. However there is a bug where it will appear on other users names, this most commonly occurs when somebody joins the game while the server is waiting to move onto the next map, although it can often happen randomly.

[edit] Transparent Glass for Renegade 3DS Max

Q: How would I make transparent glass?

A: Press F8 to access the console, then "TO" followed by Enter. This also alters certain other visual effects, such as the waterfall on Field and Nod APC wheels.

[edit] Renegade "Clan" Page Full of Broken Images

Q: The clan page on my computer is full of red Xs how do I fix this?

A: You don't. The automatic clan system is non-functional and is not likely to be fixed. has a fully functional clan ladder - which has been endorsed by both Electronic Arts and XWIS.

[edit] Online Game Communication

Q: How do I enable typing in an online game?

A: Press either F2 for chat, or F3 for team chat.

A2: Alternately, if you go into Options, then Controls, then "Communication," you can set the keys to anything else you want. The labels you're looking for are "Public Message" and "Team Message".

[edit] Whispering/PMing in Online Games

Q: How do you talk to one particular person, instead of the chat everybody can see?

A: You can do this by either pressing the f2 or f3 key, then typing /(user) (message).(I.E /page zomgwewt Hi) Where user is the desired person to talk to, and where message, what you want to say to the person. You can also reply to someone whose paged you from outside a game (Teal colored text) by typing /r message. You can always page someone who is on XWIS/WOL using /page (user) (message) (this sends a teal colored message to them)

[edit] Clan Names in Westwood Online

Q: How can I make a clan name, as I can't use my old clan or make a new one?

A: The automatic clan ladder for WOL/XWIS is completely defunct. hosts a ladder for many games including C&C Renegade - the link to the league is << this looks like an advertisement

[edit] Rejoin Delay from !qkicks and !kicks

Q: When I'm qkicked (kicked), how long until I can join again, if I can?

A: If it is an actual !qkick, you should be able to re-join immediately. However, !kick is a different story.  !kick actually issues a temporary ban in bots such as BRenBot, however, there are bots (BR.NET, DragonServ) that treat !kick the same as !qkick. Also, !qkick may issue a (temporary) ban from the WOL channel for the server, this is a known bug in XWIS.

[edit] Making Bots(NPC Units) in Maps

Q: How do I make bots and make them kill? Other peaple do it online and won't tell me.

A: It might be better to ask on the Official Renegade Forums, as this is a slightly complicated matter. The best answer I(Dr. Lithius) can give you is that it all depends on what type of server you're playing on. On some servers, it's a customized configuration file that spawns and re-spawns bots in specific locations on maps that don't normally support AI(Artificial Intelligence)/computer-controlled units. On other maps, they've actually hard-coded the bots in with waypoints and run-around spots.(Like in the Multiplayer Skirmish map.) Like I said, though, ask around on the Official Renegade Forums.

[edit] Giving Passengers the Gun in Vehicles

Q: There's this function you can do in Command & Conquer: Renegade that allows you to give control of a vehicle's turret/weapon/etc. over to the passenger.(Labelled "VehicleToggleGunner_Primary" in "input01.cfg") I was curious as to if there was any easy way to set this function, or if you always have to fiddle with "input01.cfg" if you want to change its key.

A: I dont think that there is an "easy" way to edit the function, the default key is Q though.

[edit] Exclamation Point(!) Commands on Servers

Q: What are the commands you can issue, such as !forcerg, !donate, and !kick

A: It depends on what "bot" the server is running. !donate, !help or !commands, and !mods, !showmods, or !admins work in all the bots I've ever seen.  !rec, !tp, and !n00b work in BRenBot and NightRegulator (but not DragonServ, BlazeRegulator.NET, or CloudyServ).  !rg works in some versions of CloudyServ, BRenBot and NightRegulator (it can be enabled/disabled in BRenBot).  !forcerg is only supported by BRenBot (and NightRegulator 0.3.x as a moderator-only command) AFAIK, however, CloudyServ provides a similar command under the name !reqrg (which is a moderator-only command).  !votekick/!pollkick works (with variations in syntax) in BRenBot, NightRegulator, DragonServ, and CloudyServ as well.  !medals is peculiar to CloudyServ. In IRC, !msg, !page, !pi, and !gi are standard among all bots.  !pl is only supported by BRenBot and NightRegulator.  !rgplayers and !nonrgplayers are only found in BRenBot.  !ppage is provided by CloudyServ. Most bots have other commands as well, read the documentation of the bot in question for more info.

P.S. !bind, !lock, !bl, !unbind, !free (only supported in Dragonade), !vkick, and !unlock are implemented by Dragonade, SSGM, or other server side mods, and NOT by the bot.

P.P.S. The RG Server Side Client implements !rg on its own.

[edit] Obelisk of Light Guns

Q: Is there any pattern to the spawning of an obelisk gun (when weapons spawning is enabled), or is it all just chance?

A: Ob guns are peculiar to "Crazy CTF"-type mods, which despite their apparent popularity, are actively avoided by many high-level players.

[edit] How to Use Skins and Other Downloads

Q:How do you insert downloaded skins into the game once you have downloaded and extracted the files (Where do you put the skin files)?

A: There is a data\ subfolder inside your Renegade install folder (the default is "C:\Westwood\Renegade\" unless you have The First Decade). Skins, W3D models, custom sounds, and maps all go in there.

[edit] Replacing a Lost Serial Number

Q: I lost my serial number so do I have to buy a new game to obtain a new one?

A: Unfortunately, yes. You might not have to buy a brand new game, but getting EA Games to give you a new serial would more than likely cost you a bit of pocket change as well.

[edit] Are Core Patches Mandatory?

Q: In the future will us Renegade players have to have the core patches to play renegade? Because I seem to be having alot of trouble with the patches.

A: No, the Core Patches are just updated scripts for your game, extra sounds, key shortcuts and maps. They are made with the intention of a update, to make playing more fun and fix some things.

[edit] Bypassing the Five-Names-To-An-E-Mail Limit on WOL

Q: Is there a way to create another account if you already have the 5 you can have, it has been awhile since I have played Renegade, and I have lost my passwords...

A: You may be able to play using GameSpy Arcade or direct IP connect...(

A2: Use a different email address to create another account.

[edit] Additional Skins for 1,000 Credit Units(The Triangle)

Q: What do the triangles next to the unit names in the Purchase Terminal mean?

A: They only appear for the 1000-credit infantry characters and mean that those units have one or more alternate skin(s). Clicking on the triangle will activate them.

[edit] EXTRAS and Hidden Units

Q: Can you use the hidden models command (Press F8 type Extras, then hold alt while selecting characters or vehicles while in the purachse window) or will it ban you?

A: They are disabled for Laddered games, but are allowed in most Non-Laddered games. Note: Administrators of SSGM equipped dedicated servers can disable the extra units for all players on the server using the Disable List feature. If you do try to buy a disabled unit, you will be given a Minigunner and refunded the cost of the disabled character. Disabled vehicles will simply not arrive without a refund.

[edit] Message Backlog in Online Games

Q: The messages in the game scroll away too quickly for me. Is there a way to control how many I see, or how long they stay? Or can I filter out certain types (I am not interested who killed who, but I like to see msgs others are typing for tactical plans)

A: There is no option that comes with Renegade for such things, but you may view past conversations in Purchase Terminals.

[edit] "Negotiating Port with Server" Glitch

Q: When I join a game on WOL, some servers will begin to load and get stuck on "Negotiating Port with Server..." What does this mean?

A: This can mean several things:

1.Your firewall will not let you enter the server. Disable the firewall or set Renegade as an exception.
2.You are simply not able to connect to the server.
3.You are relying on a no-CD patch. At times no-CD patches cause this.
4.Your internet connection is running slowly.

[edit] In-Game Rank Updates: How and When?

Q: How often does the in-game ranking update, and at what particular time?

A: The WOL ladder seems to update intermittently. Check with the server's site for information about server-specific ladders (Gamerz0ne's updates at the end of each game, for instance).

[edit] Downloading and Playing Additional Maps

Q: How do you get the special maps in multiplayer such as tiberium pit?

A: They must be downloaded and put into the Data directory. Most custom maps may be downloaded from

[edit] "0 Ammo" Glitch for Automatic Pistols

Q: In multiplayer games, when a player first purchases a character, his/her pistol ammo is at zero, and must be reloaded to become usable. Is there any way to fix this?

A: Unfortunately, no. In the original shipped version of the game, the pistol comes not loaded by default. Hotwires and Techs also have to refill at the purchase terminal to get their full load of 6 proximity mines since they only come with 5 by default.

A: The newest version of "Renegade Resurrection" should fix this problem.

A: Tiberian Technologies' newest patch 4.0 (which is in development) will fix this issue.

[edit] Manually Playing MP3 Files In Online Games

Q: How do you make a Renegade Server play MP3 music when in the ssaow.ini it says not to enable the soundtrack option?

A: Use the 'musica' console command with the name (in always.dat) of the .mp3 file in question.

[edit] Locking and Binding Vehicles to Yourself

Q: How do you lock vehicles?

A: Use the !bind command, then the !lock command, or !bl for short. Note, however, that not all servers allow vehicle locking. Servers that do support vehicle ownership (a.k.a !bind and friends) include servers and most severs that run version 1.4 or higher of SSGM. However, vehicle ownership can be disabled by the server's owner in the case of an SSGM equipped server. Note: !free is only supported on the servers.

[edit] Can't Create an Online Game

Q: My clan server fails to create game on WOL and GSA and we've tried reinstalling the server it didnt work any answers on how to fix this?

A: I can not answer your question with the amount of information you have supplied, if you post a screen shot of paste the error message that would help anyone trying to help you.

[edit] WOL Timeout

Q: i cant seem to connect to WOL, the connection keeps timing out. my connection is fine, and i'm using a hardware firewall, not a software firewall. is WOL down? i've connected tons of times before, and according to renguard there are still people that can get to WOL. preferably, without installing gamespy... i hate it!!

A: Like other networks, WOL can go down at times. See XWIS Transition FAQ for futher information about this. If you do not want to use GameSpy, you can use the All Seeing Eye, RenIP or RenConnect (Google for download sites).

[edit] Internet Relay Chat

Q: In-game, other users refer to IRC and ask "Is there anyone in IRC?" in the public chat. What is IRC?

A: IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Most Renegade servers have an IRC channel associated with them that allows that server's moderators and administrators to perform many of their tasks (via a program called a server regulator that translates between human-readable commands and output and the somewhat cryptic console commands and logfile entries of the FDS) without having to actually be ingame. IRC Networks contains a list of IRC servers for several sites. However, you need a program called an IRC client in order to use IRC. [1] is commonly used, although many other IRC clients exist.

[edit] Flaming vehicles

Q: On most public servers, using "flaming vehicles" is considered cheating. Why is this so? Does a "flaming" vehicle have some glitch that makes them stronger?

A: A "flaming" vehicle simply has a front end loaded with blocks of C4 (any kind of C4 can be used, although timed C4 are the norm). Flaming vehicles are considered bad because the C4 blocks disappear due to a glitch in Renegade shortly after they have been attached to the vehicle, making it so that the other team cannot tell the difference between a flaming vehicle and its ordinary counterpart until it is too late.

[edit] New WOL Accounts

Q: How do you make a new WOL account? Simple. All you do is, when you get to the login screen, just type in a new username and 8 letter password. Then, click login.

[edit] Unanswered Questions

Q: How does one get a name of over 9 characters on WOL?

Q: You know the 1000 credit character have different skins by pressing the triangle. can you make extra skins for other characters or vehicles?

Q: what site is a good site to upload skins?

Q: what are they save settings for skins like chemical tropper or stealth black hand?

Q: I got a 5.1 Sound System, but Renegade handles is at 2.1. How can i change that?

Q: How do I install maps and mods?

Q: I cannot open always.dat with any program I have, how do I put in sound files?

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