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Renegade features radio commands for quick team communication. They are audio files that are played to your team that say many useful things that relate to gameplay. Radio commands are activated by pushing CTRL (1-0), ALT (1-0) or CTRL ALT (1-0). Generally, the CTRL group contains commands, the ALT group contains tactics, and the CTRL ALT group has attack and defense commands.

A list of all the commands is shown in game when the first key for a group is held down (e.g. holding down CTRL), also shown below.

There will also appear a flashing symbol when you use radio commands(Red cross, yellow arrow, Green/Yellow !, blue tank, cyan factory)

Here is the list of Radio Commands (Both teams are same):

Start with 'Ctrl' (Mainly normal communication between players)

Ctrl + 1 : Building needs repair! (Red cross) {Request player to repair the damaged building}

Ctrl + 2 : Get in the vehicle! (Blue tank) {Request player to get in his/her vehicle, mainly transport}

Ctrl + 3 : Get out of the vehicle! (Blue tank)

Ctrl + 4 : Destroy that vehicle! (Blue tank) {Request to destroy the vehicle which are attacking their buildings}

Ctrl + 5 : Watch where you' re pointing that! (Yellow !) {Mainly reapiring or attacking a friendly stealth unit without his/her permission or repairing enemies' buildings etc.}

Ctrl + 6 : Don' t get in my way! (Yellow !) {Mainly command a player which blocking their attacks or paths}

Ctrl + 7 : Affirmative (Green !) {Use in all positive replies}

Ctrl + 8 : Negative. (Yellow !) {Use in all rejecting replies}

Ctrl + 9 : I'm in position. (Green !) {Following or doing the requester's commands}

Ctrl + 0 : Enemy spotted! (Yellow !) {Eemies discovered}

Start with 'Alt' (Mainly movement and action of players)

Alt + 1 : I need repairs! (Red cross) {Call players to heal you}

Alt + 2 : Take the point. (Yellow arrow) {Follow a commander/requester 's option}

Alt + 3 : Move out. (Yellow arrow) {Mainly use for offence or advance}

Alt + 4 : Follow me. (Yellow arrow)

Alt + 5 : Hold position. (Yellow arrow) {Call player to stop doing anything}

Alt + 6 : Cover me. (Yellow arrow) {Use for when you are an important person like holding a Flag in CTF game}

Alt + 7 : Take cover. (Yellow arrow) {Mainly use for when enemies' heavy attacks}

Alt + 8 : Fall back. (Yellow arrow) {Same as retreat, mainly use after "Take cover."}

Alt + 9 : Return to base. (Yellow arrow) {Same as retreat, mainly use after "Fall back."}

Alt + 0 : Destroy it now! (Yellow arrow) {Call player to destroy requester's target ASAP}

Start with 'Ctrl+Alt' (Mainly action to buildings (Cyan factory) and Harvester (Blue tank))

Ctrl+Alt + 1 : Attack the base defenses! {Attack the defensive buildings like AGT, Obelisk, turrets etc.}

Ctrl+Alt + 2 : Attack the Harvester!

Ctrl+Alt + 3 : Attack the structure! {Attack enemies' buildings NOT including REF nor PP}

Ctrl+Alt + 4 : Attack the Refinery!

Ctrl+Alt + 5 : Attack the Power Plant!

Ctrl+Alt + 6 : Defend the base! {Use for before enemies' attacks, usually serious}

Ctrl+Alt + 7 : Defend the Harvester!

Ctrl+Alt + 8 : Defend that structure! {Defend own buildings NOT including REF nor PP}

Ctrl+Alt + 9 : Defend the Refinery!

Ctrl+Alt + 0 : Defend the Power Plant!

DEUTSCH (german)

Die Radiokommandos sind kurze präzise Befehle im Spiel, die mit bestimmten Tastenkombinationen ausgeführt werden. Damit kann man dem eigenen Team wichtige Befehle erteilen oder es einfach über Feindkontakt informieren. Die Taste CTRL ist im deutschen die Taste STRG auf der Tastatur! Um die Kommandos zu nutzen, muß die jeweilige Taste gedrückt bleiben, um dann mit einer der Zahlentasten den Befehl auszulösen. Das ganze ist in 3 Gruppen mit insgesamt 30 Befehlen aufgeteilt: STRG, ALT und STRG ALT (beide gleichzeitig gedrückt). Gruppe STRG hat direkte Truppenbefehle, Gruppe ALT hat strategisches Vorgehen und Gruppe STRG ALT sind reine Angriffs- und Verteidigungsbefehle. Nun folgt die Übersicht der Befehle, die jeder gute Renegadespieler auswendig kennen sollte.

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