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[edit] Introduction

CnC Reborn is a total conversion mod for C&C Renegade. This modification changes the game's setting into a universe based on the Tiberian Sun/Firestorm era in the C&C RTS Series. For now, the Reborn mod is planned solely for multi player, and no Single Player Campaign has been planned for the next version.

[edit] Information

Reborn is set in the Tiberian Sun/Firestorm time line. It uses several of the units available to the player such as Nod Tick Tanks, GDI Hover MRLS (Mobile Rocket Launching System), Nod Banshee and GDI Titan.

Reborn is almost finished. They have already added Jumpjet Infantry, walking animation for some of the tanks, walls as Base defenses, Cyborgs, Sub-terrain APCs, Tick tank, tiberium mutants, new weapons, functioning Hunter Seekers, buildings etc. From their words it's going to be released soon.

[edit] The team

The CnC Reborn team, also known as "Deezer Studios", has consisted of many different people. Over time, new members have joined Deezer and some old members have quit. Below is the list of people who are on the team:

  • Exdeath7: {E-mail) Job: Modeling and UVW mapping.
  • [NE]Fobby[GEN]: (E-mail) Job: Sound Artist.
  • Hav0c: (E-mail) Job: Public Relations.
  • Jonwil: (E-mail) Job: Coding.
  • Kalle Bowo: (E-mail) Job: Artist.
  • laeubi: (E-mail) Job: No information.
  • Nightcrawler: {E-mail) Job: Assets, texturing and 3D art.
  • Pendullum (E-mail) Job: Sound Artist.
  • PermaGrin: (E-mail) Job: Leader, Ex Vehicle and Weapon Modeller.
  • Renardin: (E-mail) Job: Texturing, website and forum updating.
  • Sloth: (E-mail) Job: Modeling and texturing.
  • SoD.X: (E-mail) Job: Modeller
  • Titan1x77: (E-mail) Job: Mapper.
  • Whitedragon: (E-mail) Job: Coding.
  • DreamWraith: (E-mail) Job: Graphic Artist.

[edit] Former Team Members and Helpers

Darkangel, Oem, TheKGBspy, Ramza24, Angel of Dawn, moby3012, Dan, DarkOmen, bLiTz, Genocide, Sparxxx, Doc, Sardok, DrNuke, Neox, DarkRanger, Ra, rawflez, [young]mann, SomeRhino, pinkbunny, Takavar, Crimesonreport, NameHunter, Spirit, n2k, Omega79, DoomH, Leertaste, RedBasti, Neokwi, Veith, Frank Klepacki, Volkov / Mick3D, spider2cool, AxelSnog, PaRaDoX, and SpartnII.


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