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Red Alert: A Path Beyond

What is Red Alert: A Path Beyond?

Formerly called "Renegade Alert"(or "RenAlert"), Red Alert: A Path Beyondis a total conversion modification for Westwood's Command & Conquer: Renegade. It changes the units and structures to be like the 1996 Real Time Strategy game, Red Alert. Red Alert is comprised of a war between the Allied and Soviet factions. Red Alert: A Path Beyond also consists of units from Counterstrike and Aftermath, which are the expansions to Red Alert.


It's 1946. Mankind has just gone through one of the most brutal wars it ever faced. While the rest of the world is still in shock and trying to find ways to prevent such an event from ever taking place again, a Jewish/German scientist decides to act.

With a device he was engineering for the US government, he travels back into time to kill the person who he sees as the root of all misery; Adolf Hitler. He catches up with Hitler in 1926, as Hitler is still a young - but already embittered - man and 'disposes' of him; without thinking through the consequences thoroughly enough, as will soon turn out.

Hitler dies before he ever became of any importance. Stalin takes his communistic USSR to unknown heights and decides to speed up the world-wide Marxist revolution a bit by invading the free countries of Western Europe. Obviously, the West-European countries aren't too pleased with this and starts a grim guerilla war against the Russian invaders.

And so, in spite of our dearest scientist's efforts, World War II starts yet again.

Game Modes

-Command and Conquer - Similar to the mode in Renegade of the same name.
-Capture the Flag - like Command and Conquer mode, but each team has a flag. The game can be ended by standard base destruction, or if one team manages to capture the enemy's flag. One capture and return ends the game.
-Deathmatch - pits the Allies and Soviets against each other as Rifle Soldiers, with crates that give out weaponry. Whichever team scores the highest number of kills is the winner.
-Assault - one team tries to accomplish a particular objective, and the other attempts to prevent the other team from doing so. If the game runs to the time limit, the defending team wins. But if the attacking team successfully completes their objective, they win.
-Protect the MCV - the two teams each own a Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV). The objective is to destroy the other team's MCV while protecting your own. The team who successfully destroys their enemy's MCV first wins.

Development Team

Lead Producer: James "Chronojam" Brodeur

Producer: Joshua "NeoSaber" Kraft

Former Producer: Tom "Dante" Anderson

Programming: Joshua "NeoSaber" Kraft

Lead .dll Programmer: Jonathan "Jonwil" Wilson

Programmer: Mark "Saberhawk" Sararu

Programmer: "White Dragon"

Lead 3D Artist (Vehicles & Weapons): Steven "Sir Phoenixx" Burfield

Lead 3D Artist (Terrain): Nathan "tweekbee"

3D Artist (Terrain): "Naamloos"

3D Artist (Terrain): "BigWig"

2D Artist (Terrain): "Ackart The Fox"

3D/2D Artist (Characters): "ScreamingCricket"

2D Artist (Weapons/Installer): Samantha "Venompawz" Robinson

2D Artist (Promotions): Andrew "Drunkill" McLean

2D Artist (Concept): William "GDIrish" Colbert

Rigging, Animations: Joshua "NeoSaber" Kraft

Blogs/Web: James "Chronjam" Brodeur

Manual, Blogs, FAQ: Steven "PointlessAmbler" Upham

Manual, Blogs: Ryan "Ryan3k" French

Manual (Art): Andrew "Drunkill" McLean

Music: "Chicajo"

Internal Testing: "chickendippers", "Coolrock", "Cyan Leader", "Falconxl", "gammae102", "Hydra", "Ididyamom69", "Iscream4pork", "NX01class", "SamusAX", "Steppo", "The Aces of Razgriz", "Titan", "Try_Lee"

Contributors: Gordon "zerofighter" Wong, Frank Klepacki, "Mac", "djlaptop", "Mjfabian", Kyle "Gernader8" Hord, "Renardin", Robert "Agent Gibson" Gibson, Sam "Darkblade" Murphy, Chris "Indirect Method" Fortier, "Monkeyphonic"

Special Thanks: "L3f7H4nd3d", "Crimson", Charles "Blazer" Jones, n00bstories, "Steppo", "Dante", "Apoc", PlanetCNC, CNCDen, CNCNZ, Westwood Studios, Electronic Arts

"Make Love, Not War"

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