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[edit] Introduction:

Command & Conquer Red alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, converts 'C&C Renegade' into Westwood Studios popular Real Time Strategy game, 'C&C Red Alert 2'. You will be able to experience, first hand, what it feels like to fill the boots of an Allied GI, battling the communist might of the Soviet Union. Or fight the Allied forces as a Soviet Conscript vowing to take back what was lost to the Allies during the first great war.

This mod features all of the units and structures for the Allied and Soviet sides from both 'Red Alert 2' and the 'Yuri's Revenge' Expansion.

The Apocalypse is Rising Commander. Are you prepared for it?

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[edit] Links:

Official Website Link:

ModDB Link:

IRC Channel:

[edit] Team:

Lead Producer/3D Artist/PR Manager/Audio Engineer/Voice Actor: Ben "One Winged Angel" Leech

Lead Producer/Texture Artist/Rigger/Unwrapper: Pete "cfehunter" Ellsum

Lead 3D Artist/Unwrapper: Richard "Ric" Jeffrey

Lead Coder/Core Designer: Daniel "danpaul88" Paul

Lead Core Designer/Mapper/Aircraft Modeler/Rigger: Matthew "Nameme99" Witt

Lead Unwrapper: "Chevy787"

Texture Artist/3D Artist: Igor "Soviet_Deso" Koltsov

Core Designer/Game Engine Investigator: "BogdanV"

3D Artist/Unwrapper: "rm5248"

3D Artist: "Poggel/Aramour"

Contributing Artists & Special Thanks

Special Thanks To: Westwood Studios, "TheKGBspy", James "Chronojam" Brodeur and everyone at Red Alert: A Path Beyond, "Assassin" and C&C Source, Joseph "Exdeath7/Spice/DeathAX" Strateger, "DarkAngel", "[NE]Fobby[Gen]", "Tankmaster", The Renegade Modding Community

Special Coding Thanks To: Jonathan "jonwil" Wilson, Mark "Saberhawk" Sararu, Joshua "Neosaber" Kraft, "TheKGBspy" the Renegade Mod Scripts Team

Renegade Revived: "[NE]Fobby[Gen]", "Sloth", Renegade Revived Team.

Red Alert 2: Verge of Armageddon: "Svensmokavich", "Skierarc", "Darkangel", VOA Team

Red Alert 2: Vengeance: "TheKGBspy", "Renardin", "AvroAero2", RA2: Vengeance Team

Red Alert 2: Hell March: "Skulking Ferrit", HM Team

Past Member(s)

"Retrocide", "Blkhnd112", "TTadvancer", "Mythdragon", "Guywithawrench", "Mathk1ll", "Assassin", "AxelSnog", "Ionkill43"

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