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[edit] Registering

Registering a nick name on XWIS (the server replacement for Westwood Online, or WOL) for Renegade and other C&C games is straightforward. Here's how to register on XWIS with Renegade (this is the new registration process that was introduced later in 2012):

  1. Register an account on the forums (previously named See the YouTube Video for more informations.
  2. Log in at the XWIS Game Account (previously named XWIS Control Panel)
  3. Bind your Renegade serial to your account, do this by typing in your Renegade serial (without the dashes) and clicking the "Add serial" button.
  4. In the text field under the Serial field, enter the account nick you want to create, it needs to be 3-9 characters long.
  5. In the dropdown menu with "Game" listed as its default choice, select RG.
  6. Press the "Create Nick" button.

[edit] Logging In

To login with your account:

  1. Go to your XWIS Game Account (you will have to log in first, then clicking this link will take you to your game account).
  2. Find your XWIS Password and select it (marking the listed password blue).
  3. Copy the selected text either by pressing the Ctrl+C buttons or by right clicking on the blue-marked text and pressing "Copy."
  4. Launch Renegade and enter the in-game WOL/XWIS menu, you can do this by pressing "Multiplay Online" in the main menu and then clicking "Westwood Online."
  5. In the WOL/XWIS menu move your mouse to the left so it touches the uttermost left of your monitor.
  6. A sidebar should now pop up, click on "My Information."
  7. In this menu set your "Connection" to "Lan/T1."
  8. Untick the box titled "Automatically login with this account." This is important.
  9. Press the "Okay" button located in the low right corner.
  10. Click on "Advanced Game Listings."
  11. In the menu that appears, enter your XWIS account name into the "Login" text field. If there already is login info for your nick name, press the "Delete Account" button first.
  12. Then select the "Password" text field and press Ctrl+V to paste your password into the text field.
  13. For now make sure the "Remember my login information" box is unticked.
  14. Click on the "Login" button, The "Register Account" button doesn't work.
  15. Click on the "Close" button in the "Message of the Day" box that appears.
  16. If everything worked correctly you should now see at least 1 server listed in the server browser list.
  17. Press the "Back" button in the lower left corner three times.
  18. Go to the WOL/XWIS main menu again and repeat the login process (remember: Ctrl+V to paste in your XWIS password), make sure that the "Remember my login information" box is ticked on.

If you experience issues during the registration and/or login process, or other problems with your C&C Renegade game, feel free to create a topic about it in the Renegade Client Technical Support subforum on the RenegadeForums.

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