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Jump to: navigation, search has become a well-known site devoted to clan gaming in Renegade, as well as other games. The Renegade league at opened in summer 2002, although it was not the first league at the site - the first league to open at was the Dark Reign 2 league, although the Renegade league has proven to be longer-lasting.

For a considerable time, the league was an automatic system which scraped game results from Westwood's ladder site. While Westwood's clan ladder was accessible, many clans preferred to compete on's ladder. The most significant reason for this was its level of moderation. The ladders are managed by admins who keep games updated on a daily basis, therefore it has always been easy for players to get issues such as cheating, disconnection, bug abuse and so on, resolved.

The automatic system was discarded in summer 2005 in favour of a manual report system. This was mainly due to problems with the Westwood Online automatic clan ladder system. Sometimes games would not report at all for an extended period of time, as well as the clan "pages" (in other words, the interface governing a clan's roster) being unusable for several continuous months - meaning players could not leave and/or join a clan. The manual report system solved these problems, as well as allowing players to compete on GameSpy, something that was not possible before. This proved to be a wise decision because in October 2005 the automatic clan ladder became completely defunct, due to the Westwood Online servers' transition to XWIS.

The league is still active, and has acquired sponsorship from Electronic Arts (thanks to's involvement with other, more recent titles such as the Battle for Middle-Earth series, Zero Hour, and Command and Conquer 3), providing prizes for winning players. The league is also the only clan ladder which has been consistently available between October 2005 and the present time (April 2007), even though its owner Spoony has no official authority over Renegade itself.

The direct link for the Renegade league is

It is perhaps worth mentioning that BlackHand Studios have stated their intention to provide a Renegade clan ladder to the community as well. While this has not yet materialised, BlackHand Studios' public server ladder is partially complete and has received good feedback from the community.

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