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Roleplay 2 is a project for C&C Renegade that is based around creating a Grand Theft Auto-like mod for C&C Renegade. While Roleplay 2 itself is not considered a full-blown full total conversion mod, it contains near 100% original content, and should not be treated like an ordinary map. Roleplay 2 consists of two islands, the first contains a city named "San Casina" which contains nearly 100 unique buildings, over half of them with interiors. The second island is a more natural desert environment, featuring large sand dunes for jumps with vehicles, and a military base named "Area 69".

Vehicles in Roleplay 2

Delorian: Ah, the symbolic car of Rp2. It is a good vehicle with moderate speed, although the brakes suck. Quide sturdy.

Pickup Truck With Cab: The pickup truck is useful for carrying many people in one vehicle. It has poor handling due to it's weight, but is very difficult to flip over.

Luxury Sedan: The luxury sedan is the quality car of Rp2. While somewhat lacking in speed, it makes up for in pinpoint turning and brakes. Good choice for racing.

Ferrari F40: The Ferrari F40 is the second fastest vehicle on the map. It can reach insane speeds, but has poor traction.

Ferrari 360: The Ferrari 360 is the fastest car on the map. You'd better be prepared for some serious speed if you are getting beheind the wheel of this beast.

Police Helicopter: The police helicopter is the workforce of the San Casina police department. Quick and maneuverable, it is great for flying inbetween the tight spaces between buildings. Comes equipped with an annoying siren.

Littlebird Helicopter: The military helicopter that does everything, great for quick attacks, it can deliver it's devastating payload of rockets and machine guns at excellent speed. Very poorly armored though, any of 3 rocket launchers can take it out.

Comanche Helicopter: This is not the commanche from Renegade. I swear. Anyways, it comes equipped with the main weapon, it's machine gun, which can decimate infantry. The rockets are quite poor, and should only be used as a last resort against other aircraft and vehicles.

M1 Abrams Battle Tank: The M1 Abrams is the workforce of the US military, and is the best tank in Rp2. It's cannon can destrpy most vehicles, and the machine gun can mow down infantry. Watch out for Rockets, though.

T-80 Battle Tank: The T-80 is the "In-between" tank of rp2. The cannon deals a powerful blow, but the vehicle lacks a macnine gun, leaving it open to infantry attack.

Warrior Tank: The warrior tank is the fastest tank, but also the weakest. It's cannon packs a small punch, but the machine gun makes it a good anti-infantry vehicle. Poorly armored.

Chinook Transport: It's a transport helicopter. It transports infantry, well armored and fast.

Motorcycle: What can I say? It's a motorcycle. It goes fast and has two wheels.

Hydra: The hydra is the fighter jet which can easily devastate the whole city. It comes equipped with two kinds of missiles. Once again, watch out for missile launchers and SAM sites.

Harrier: The harrier is used as a bomber to carpet bomb areas. The bomb packs quite a punch, and can destroy vehicles easily. The harrier lacks any other weapons, however, so keep an eye out for enemy aircraft.

These are not all the vehicles, a couple of "Secret" vehicles are also available.

Weapons of Roleplay 2

There is quite a variety of weapons in Roleplay 2, this section will explain their uses.

Kick: The melee attack all infantry have. It is assigned to number 0 and is a weak attack that can deal moderate damage up close on infantry. Useless against vehicles.

Knife: Second melee attack. It has a slightly longer range than the kick, and can kill infantry in one hit. Useless against vehicles.

Katana: The katana is obviously a 1337 weapon. It is a one-hit kill for unarmored infantry up close, and does moderate damage if you are hit with the tip of the blade. Cannot be swung very fast, and is bad against vehicles.

Handgun: The pistol is the easiest to find weapon in Rp2, it deals 50 damage per shot, but isn't very accurate.

Dual Handguns: The dual handguns deal more damage, but have reduced accuracy and take longer to reload. They make up for it in badass-ness though.

Silenced Handgun: The silenced handgun is excellent for eliminating infantry units without making a whole lot of noise. It has worse accuracy than the handgun, but the same strength.

Shotgun: The pump-action shotgun fires 12 shots, each doing 15 damage. It is excellent at killing infantry close up, and can do moderate damage to light vehicles such as sedans, pickup trucks and light helicopters.

Sniper Rifle: The sniper rifle is well....a sniper rifle. It has a very long shot and pinpoint accuracy. Equipped with a scope to zoom in and out on targets.

Rocket Propelled Grenade: The RPG is the easiest to find rocket launcher in the map, it does 450 damage, which can destroy most cars, and damage tanks.

LAW Antitank Rockets: The LAW antitank rockets do 530 damage to vehicles and aircraft. It can destroy tanks in two shots, and can destroy all cars.

Stinger Missile Launcher: The stinger rockets are the ultimate anti vehicle rockets. It does a whopping 670 damage, and locks on to the target.

Flak Cannon: Providing excellent anti personel and anti aircraft offensive power, the flak cannon is a good choice for those who prefer to be on foot. The wide spreading shot is devastating to helicopters. Each shot does 50 damage.

M4A1 Automatic Rifle: The M4A1 is the only automatic rifle in the map so far. It provides the best offensive against infantry, and has decent accuracy. Equipped with a silencer.

AK-47 Automatic Rifle: The AK-47 auto rifle is the second automatic rifle available, it has slightly worse accuracy than the M4A1, but is easier to find.

Fragmentation Grenade: The fragmentation grenade is great for taking care of infantry. A close hit can kill infantry.

M18 Smoke Grenade: The M18 smoke grenade provides a protective cover of smoke. Useful for getting away, or annoying the hell out of people with bad computers.

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Credits for Roleplay 2

Map Modeler and lead 3D artist- Blazea58

Leveledit Work, 2D art, key concepts- Canadacdn

Previous Leveledit Work from before Beta3- Napalmic

More 2D Artists- Jngdwe, MattStaly, Slikrik

AK-47 model and texture is from A Path Beyond. Used with permission.

Fragmentation Grenade model and texture by Sir Phoenixx. Used with permission.

Beta Testers - Blazea58, Canadacdn, Seadust, Cabal8616, u6795, MattStaly, and Slikrik19.

Scripter - Jerad Gray

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