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[edit] Client Log

Clientlog is a simple log wich will keep track of all the talking in the server you play on. You can acces these logs by looking in your Renegade folder, the default link would be "C:\Westwood\Renegade\". A clientlog file will be named after the date the conversations ingame took place, an example would be: "client_6-12-107.txt". Clientlogs can be usefull against racist remarks and abusive language. To use the client-log feature, you can acces your options panel in Renegade, if there is a catagory called bhs.dll options, you can turn the client log feature on and off there. If there is no such catagory, you will have to update your scripts.dll version first. You will find the latest versions here

In the clientlog, 3 types of chat will be stored: General chat, Teamchat and Private messages. A few examples of the log format below:

General Chat

[13:24:22] M2Lugia: lol nice lagging shit

[13:24:22] Host: Herr's Flame Tank destroyed by Czubek with Mobius/Volt Auto Rifle

[13:24:28] Host: APOCOLYPY's Flame Tank destroyed by Kanerva with Medium Tank

[13:24:40] beerfull4: lol

[13:24:44] APOCOLYPY: :)


[13:26:45] [Team] badassg: tank got in my way

[13:26:52] [Team] nightfox8: what the hell

[13:27:02] [Team] manhunt71: ok

[13:27:04] [Team] vdonrober: moved the buggy next to hon

[13:27:07] [Team] badassg: screw it im goin tank bustin

(Radio-commands are not stored in the clientlog)

Private Messaging

[13:14:53] [Private] BuLLDoZeR: heya :P

[13:15:00] [Private] Herr: hi

[13:24:22] [Private] Host: Your bound vehicle has been destroyed.

[edit] SSGM Log

SSGM(Server Side Game Manager) has a log function too. Within the SSGM log several game events are stored, they can be enabled or disabled in the config file (ssgm.ini). The format in the ssgm log name is the same as the client log: ssgm_date.txt wich would make it 'ssaow_6-23-2006'.

The log includes a timestamp, a header, and the event itself.

Every map starts with the following event:

[17:53:09] _GENERAL Running in <game mode> mode. Where <game mode> is either All Out War, Capture the Flag, Infantry Only, Sniping, or 500 Sniping, depending on your settings.

A map ending would be:

[20:30:24] _GENERAL Current game on map C&C_Field.mix has ended. Game was won by GDI by Building Destruction.

SSGM detects the way the game ended, either Building Destruction, Time limit expired, Pedestal Beacon, or Server Shutdown.

A playerkill would look like this:

[18:01:45] _PLAYERKILL TechBitch killed werblind (Hotwire/Pistol VS Technician/Pistol)

You can assign the 'killed' string to change randomly to different strings, example:

[18:00:59] _PLAYERKILL TechBitch made mincemeat out of werblind (Hotwire/Remote C4 VS Technician/Proximity C4)

[18:02:10] _PLAYERKILL TechBitch was cut down by fs4472 (Sakura/Ramjet Rifle VS Hotwire/Pistol)

A Vehicle Kill would look like this:

[00:02:01] _VEHKILL Power5216 (Raveshaw/Rail Gun) destroyed a Mammoth Tank (Driver: ibafetus - Owner: ibafetus - Last Damage: 15.00)

And in case the harvester was involved:

[00:00:08] _VEHKILL DARTHTANA (Medium Tank) destroyed a Nod Tiberium Harvester (Driver: None - Owner: None - Last Damage: 15.89)

A buidling kill is reported like this:

[18:03:08] _BUILDING GDI Barracks destroyed thanks to g0strider (Timed C4)

Note that the kill messages says "Timed C4" and not the player's preset and weapon. SSGM can tell if C4 or a beacon killed the player, vehicle, or building.

There is also a building attack line, this usually with a default interval of 30 seconds:

[18:03:08] _BUILDING The GDI Barracks is under attack!

When a beacon is placed several notifications will show in your log:

[18:02:19] _BEACON cccp2020 deployed a Nuclear Strike Beacon

[18:02:24] _BEACON Warning - Nuclear Strike approaching

[18:02:57] _BEACON Nuclear Strike initiated

[18:03:10] _BEACON Nuclear Strike Beacon has detonated

When the beacon is disarmed, it will show like this:

[00:04:05] _BEACON xmillion2 disarmed a Nuclear Strike Beacon

SSGM also contains a Bandwith exploit detector. It will check if the player's SBBO (Set Bandwith Budget Out) is lower than the set amount in ssgm.ini, if it is then SSGM will either kick them or increase their bandwidth setting, depending on the settings, and log that they were detected.

The alert will look like this:

[18:08:14] _ALERT kesava69 attempted to use the BW exploit. Their BW has been reset to the default.

C4 detonations in your log would look like this:

[00:04:08] _C4 GDI Timed C4 has detonated (Owner: xmillion2 - Attached to: None)

It can also be attached to a building or vehicle, example:

[00:05:04] _C4 Nod Remote C4 has detonated (Owner: THExChuck - Attached to: GDI Tiberium Refinery)

Crate messages look like this:

[00:06:02] _CRATE Elpoderos picked up an Armor Crate.

[edit] RenLog

More will soon follow,


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