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As of June 21st 2007 SSAOW and SSCTF have both been superseded by SSGM.


[edit] Introduction

SSAOW and SSCTF are serverside mods. Made by Black-cell. SSAOW stands for Server Side All Out Wars, while SSCTF stands for Server Side Capture The Flag. SSAOW is the normal C&C Mode, but it has been edited to include newer things like: Drop weapons, Crates, Vehicle Shells etc. This article will look into SSAOW and SSCTF.

[edit] SSAOW

Vloktboky created SSAOW as a stripped down version of Dragonade. Dragonade is the mod that Black-Cell runs on their game servers. Dragonade isn't released public and that's why SSAOW is there. SSAOW includes some cool new features like Crates, Vehicle Shells, Random Weather, Drop weapons, and extra Game modes.
You can download the latest version of SSAOW, 1.5, here.

[edit] SSCTF

SSCTF is a serverside mod to enable the Capture the Flag mode. It is almost same as SSAOW although vehicles are disabled. More information about the Capture The Flag mode can be found here. The server owner can set how many times a team needs to steal their enemys flag for every map.
You can download the latest version of SSCTF, 1.3.1, here. Note that this version is very old.

[edit] Do I need to download it?

No, you don't need to download anything to play on servers running them. It's all serverside, but if you like to you can download Jonwil's scripts.dll for access to additional features, like extra sounds and keyboard shortcuts.


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