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[edit] Introduction

Wrecking the enemy's base is what it's all about; if you ruin the enemy's entire base you've won, after all. It's getting there that's the problem, as no sane team will leave their base totally unguarded. But with a little teamwork, and a little know-how, smashing the enemy base to rubble isn't so hard after all. Teamwork isn't always guaranteed, but this article will provide you with the knowledge of how best to go about ruining the enemy's day. And once you have that, your chances of victory are proportional to the enemy team's stupidity!

[edit] What you need to know

If you try to storm the enemy's base in a gung-ho Rambo style, chances are you'll be ripped to shreds in a storm of bullets before you know what's going on. Intel is key; you need to take the following into account at all times:

  • Where does the enemy have its attention focused?
  • Does the enemy have vehicles, and if so how many and which ones?
  • Is the enemy patrolling the base with small groups?
  • Does the enemy have many advanced infantry?
  • How much attention is the enemy paying to your target structure?
  • Is the structure covered by automated base defenses? (if it is, don't bother charging in alone with no vehicle.)
  • Is the structure mined?
  • What kind of radar is enabled on the server?
  • Which structure's destruction would impact the enemy the most?

Once you've figured all this out, you can choose the best way to annihilate the structure.

[edit] Destruction via Infiltration

Infiltrating a structure to destroy it from within with C4 is a sneaky but suprising and efficient way of hitting a base that requires the enemy's attention to be elsewhere on the battlefield. If the enemy picks up on what you're doing, it will severely hamper if not outright ruin your plan. This method is best achieved with:

  • A single Hotwire/Technician (preferably with support, or alone if you're feeling confident)
  • Two regular Engineers (preferably with support)
  • Three Stealth Black Hands (Nod only)
  • A couple of strong infantry (If you're not Nod)
  • A massive mob of minigunners with engineers following them (early in-game) This may sound stupid and obivous, but on maps without base defences like C&C_Islands it works most of the time.

A structure can be destroyed very quickly by placing C4 on the master control terminal. A building has (by default) 500 health. Timed C4 does 200 damage when on the MCT, and Remote C4 does 100 damage. It therefore takes three Timed C4, five Remote C4, or some combination thereof, to destroy a structure outright. A single Hotwire/Technician's loadout of 2 Timed C4 and 2 Remote C4 means they can single-handedly destroy one structure per refill (and if the Hotwire/Technician is absolutely sure that the enemy is not repairing the building, they can be left with a single Remote C4). A regular engineer is either one Timed C4 short or one Remote C4 short (whichever you prefer really), but this can easily be rectified by bringing along someone to support you, as all infantry are issued a single Timed C4. For this reason, three Nod Stealth Black Hands are capable of destroying a structure by using their single timed charges on the same structure. However, they are incapable of removing mines on a structure without harm, unlike the engineers and hotwire/tech. With some level of caution the mines could be detonated between them at the expense of their health, but this would attract attention, which is counterproductive to an infiltration attack. If the server has the weapon-drop modification, it can be done using only two Nod Stealth Black Hands by one or both characters picking up Remote C4 (which usually drop from the free engineers).

[edit] Infiltration Tips

If you are heading in solo, it is a good idea to shoot a building besides the one you are trying to kill to create false radio warnings for the enemy team. This works especially well if you shoot a building across the map from where you are, so if you can do that without compromising your position then by all means do so. This also works well for small vehicular rushes; 5-10 seconds of distraction for the enemy team can mean the difference between your 1/2 tank rush succeeding or just wasting your money. On a related note, infiltrating a building while members of your team are shelling the rest of the base with vehicles is effective for the same reasons. Most of the enemy team may be busy dealing with the vehicular problem so you should be able to check out other buildings for vulnerability. Finally, quickly scout your intended target building before dropping your C4. If there are any infantry standing around who may have just spawned, try to kill them first as they will certainly cramp your style once the infiltration attempt is detected.

Oh, and remember this (especially if you're a SBH) DONT BE TRIGGER HAPPY. This especially goes for SBHs, since their laser rifles draw high amounts of attention due to their level of sound, so resist the temptation to shoot a soldier that's taking a nap in front of you, cause you still have a mission to accomplish.

[edit] Proper use of C4

Be careful to make sure your charges actually land on the Master Control Terminal. If they land on a wall you will get severely reduced damage, and if the charges land on each other you may get no damage at all due to the fact that a charge that is no longer "sticking" to anything will simply vanish (eg, the charge that it's sticking to blows up and so is no longer sticking to anything). Placement doesn't really matter, as long as it's on the MCT itself.

ALWAYS remember to back off. Your own charges can and will kill you. Two or more remote charges will kill you, and a single timed charge will do you in. Getting blown up by your own C4 is embarrassing, and it can infact ruin your plan if you were doing a solo Hotwire/Tech run. If you die, any remote charges you placed will vanish, though any timed charges will stay.

If you are soloing the structure as a Hotwire/Tech, place your Timed C4 first, then your Remotes. Back away from the MCT and wait - and watch for any respawns or anyone entering the structure. When the first timed charge detonates, the enemy will be alerted to your presence - if you were quick in placing your charges, the second charge will detonate two or three seconds later (at most) - this is your cue to detonate the remote charges. When you do, the structure will be destroyed. However, if anyone enters early, then detonate the remote charges right away and take out your pistol. You most likely won't survive a fight with infantry in their own base, so focus on being evasive rather than aggressive. However, if a window of opportunity presents itself, don't hesitate to kill them. You should generally consider being discovered as a failed run, though. If you can't, then try to pick on any enemy engineers trying to disarm your C4! At the very least, they will likely want to move around which will limit the effectiveness of their repair gun against such small objects. If all else fails, stand in front of or on top of your C4 to prevent them from repairing it. If they are too stupid to kill you this can buy you the extra seconds needed to destroy your target.

Placing your Proximity C4 over and around your regular C4 is useful, though it will probably cause overmining at your base. But its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages - Firstly, it confuses the enemy's vision and hitbox. More weird things to aim at will inevitably screw up a hacker's aimbot, and the extra polygons can - in the experience of those of us who lag into walls - make the beam completely miss the regular C4, buying you precious seconds to kill the engineer. Also, the repair beam pierces to a VERY SMALL extent, which can be less than the diameter of your Proximity C4 if it lands right, buying you yet more time. Proxy mines placed on the MCT will also do damage to the structure, but don't expect a lot of damage. It can also kill an enemy trying to engage you in a building like the GDI Weapons Factory, where they will have to run past the MCT if you're hiding on the other side of the building. Finally, it can kill an enemy spawning in the Obelisk if no other enemy has triggered it yet. Happy bombing!

[edit] Countering Infiltration

Mines will not deter an undiscovered infiltration attempt - most of the time they will be an engineering type and will simply disarm the mines. However, they can still buy you time. The main way of beating infiltration is to simply discover it. If you're on base defense, keep your eyes peeled for errant vehicles moving around, infantry sneaking about and the likes. Your base defenses going off is usually a good indication that infiltration is taking place. If you discover an attempt, call for help! If your whole team knows about it, then the attempt has much lower chances of succeeding. Plus if you get killed, the infiltrator's only deterrance is out of the way, buying him more time to do his work.

If you are an engineering type infantry, go for charges on the MCT before anything else. If you are support, go for the infiltrator. The charges on the MCT are the largest priority though - remember, one timed C4 will result in a quarter of your building's health going off. They have about 30 seconds from placement to detonation, so don't hang around in getting rid of them. Don't bother with the remote charges, the infiltrator will more than likely just detonate them as soon as he is discovered. If you are an engineerying type of infantry and the infiltrator sticks around hampering you, do NOT bother jumping around trying to avoid being killed by them: go straight to taking out your Remote C4 and throw it at them! Blow it up and head to a purchase terminal and refill. Time is of the utmost essence, so keep doing this until the infiltrator is either dead or backing off. If at all possible, buy a Hotwire/Technician, as they will be able to disarm the C4 faster. Don't disarm Remote C4, go straight for Timed C4. They do the most damage and if the infiltrator is sticking around, they could go off at ANY moment that you or someone else is too close. If you are a Hotwire/Technician, then be sure to stay a fair bit away (about 5 feet). It's not good to lose your Hotwire/Technician if the C4 explodes, especially if the building was your Infantry Barracks or Hand of Nod.

[edit] Good maps for Infiltration

Just about any map (especially walls flying) that lacks Base Defenses. Infiltration can also be done on defended maps through known holes in the defenses, such as walking in the Nod back tunnel on Under while avoiding the Obelisk. Harvywalking is also a preferred method of infiltration, especially for SBHs.

[edit] Destruction via Infantry Rush

Infantry rushes are rarely executed (other than early-game skirmishing), but should not be underestimated. The best infantry rush comes in the form of the late-game Mobius/Mendoza rush that can not only defend itself to a wicked degree, but spell doom for any structure, even without getting inside. An infantry rush will very quickly attract attention from base defenders, so you do not need to be as covert about it. Be warned though, that Snipers and Vehicles are the two biggest threats to an infantry rush, capable of stopping them single-handedly if skilled enough. Infantry rushes are best executed using:

  • Several Chemsprayers
  • Several Rocket Soldier Officers/Gunners/Grenadiers (early game)
  • Several Mobius/Mendoza (Expensive but deadly)

More often than not, if done with enough numbers and proper execution, the above infantry can rip down a structure without even having to get inside, but getting inside confers a HUGE damage bonus to most invaders (any explosive warheads like those on rockets/grenades do more damage on the walls of the building than at the MCT). The central disadvantages of an Infantry Rush are cost, frailty and ammo. If not done correctly, an infantry rush can be decimated in seconds, causing more harm than good through wasted credits. However, such tactics can often recoup some if not all of their costs through damage inflicted.

Unlike the other rushes, Chemsprayers have a somewhat negligable effect unless actually inside the structure (where they do ridiculous damage at the MCT); a little known fact is that a chemsprayer is the cheapest thing in the game that can single-handedly destroy a building (using both it's timed C4 and chemsprayer), but chem rushers must be careful not to blow themselves up with their C4s. They can earn points and credits quickly by spraying the outside of the structure, as well as inflicting a bit of damage, but they most likely won't destroy it outright. Plus, it's a bit hard to miss a giant green cloud of goop spraying everywhere. For this reason, the Chem rush works best if you can actually make it inside the base unscathed which usually relegates it to the early game. You can try this with flamethrowers to get a bit of extra income in the early game, but you're probably just asking to be shot.

I doubt anyone who's been playing Renegade for a while has never heard of the term "Gunner Rush" at least once. There is quite a lot of confusion in the community, however, as many believe "Gunner Rush" to be a tactic to retake the infantry tunnels by peppering them with rockets - it is not. With enough manpower, Gunner rushes can be even nastier than MRLS attacks. Two Gunners will kill any building if left unchecked and unopposed. If there are six to eight or more Gunners, you can pretty much kiss your building goodbye unless you either happen have a Technician already sitting there ready and repairing or you spot the Gunner rush early and kill the Gunners. Plus, they're quite capable of defending themselves. For once, GDI has the edge, as Gunner's faster rocket launcher is not available to Nod. Gunners are nasty enough outside of building, but if they can get inside buildings they can wreak immense havoc by shooting the MCT for double damage with their rockets. Plus, engineers attempting to repair the place can be mowed down like nothing. Of course, you have to watch your ammo. Rocket Soldier Officers can do this too obviously, but much slower. At the beginning of many maps, GDI can also execute a Grenadier rush, since Grenadiers do as much damage as Rocket Officers from the outside and they are free. This works best on maps with hard-to-defend pillboxes above or around bases, such as Volcano, but can work on any map if properly executed.

Mobius/Mendoza rushes are horrifying to attempt to defend against. Not only can they obliterate structures in a matter of seconds, but they can flash-fry anyone attempting to attack them and even wipe tanks off the face of the earth with their Volt Auto Rifles. Add to this the fact that each Mobius/Mendoza has enough charge/ammo to take out a building (without using timed C4), and enough left over to kill anyone who gets in their way and you have a deadly assault unit. If they can get inside a building, you might as well kiss it goodbye. However, their strength is not without its cost, and that cost is 1000 credits - you won't be seeing any of these early game, and a rush that fails to do anything is quite a blow to the team. Also, snipers can cause some immense fustration to the would-be invaders by simply swatting them down one by one with headshots.

PIC/Raveshaw groups will inflict serious damage from the outside of buildings at sizable ranges, but their reload rate makes them less effective in terms of maximum damage over time. They do not carry enough ammo individually to even get close to destroying a building externally. They do make great support units for other rushes though, and one or two thrown in with a Mobius/Mendoza rush will be almost guaranteed lethality.

[edit] Rushing the Base Defenses

GDI has another ace up their sleeve when it comes to Infantry Rushes, as they are able to charge at the Obelisk of Light en masse, reaching the obelisk easily if enough people are present. On certain maps where the Advanced Guard Tower is close to key infantry routes (for example, the tunnel by the Refinery/Advanced Guard Tower on Field), similar things can occur. The Obelisk does 300 damage per shot to heavily armoured vehicles and instantly destroys anything else it hits, but it has to take three seconds between shots, which is a VERY slow rate of fire, leaving large gaps between shots. With this in mind, the Obelisk can only pick off one group of infantryman every five seconds - so if many infantry are present, they will take perhaps two or three casualties before the group reaches the Obelisk. Depending on the numbers of the rush, this can spell doom for the Obelisk, and in turn Nod. Obviously, this should not be peformed with expensive infantry due to the russian roulette that everyone is playing. Also, make sure you stay well spaced out - the Obelisk's beam has a small area of splash damage on it, about the size of a rocket launcher's rocket - this is why it is always prudent to use multiple points of entry and coordinate with either radio commands or teamspeak. The idea is that you take only one death at a time, so this is bad: the splash damage is enough to kill the free infantry within two feet of the Obelisk's target. The best map for this is probably Hourglass or Field due to the small distance between the tunnel and the obelisk, although it can be highly effective in the back door on Under as well.

[edit] Countering Infantry Rushes

Snipers. Nuff said.

Snipers aside, vehicles (especially APCs or Apache/Orcas) can mow down infantry rushes quite quickly (though Mobius/Mendoza Rushes must not be taken lightly - Apaches/Orcas, especially when alone, often come off second best). Bullet weapons tend to be the bane of infantry. Patch on the GDI side is quite effective if you don't feel like sniping or driving. Chaingun officers on either side do 50 damage per headshot and are fairly cheap, and even the regular GDI minigunners do 35 per headshot and they are free. Shotgunners or engineers with remotes hiding around the walls of commonly-trafficed areas will do wonders to prevent infantry rushes as well. If you're on Nod, the chemsprayer works wonders against infantry rushes-spray it into a mob of infantry and you'll hear their cries for mercy. Their chem sprayers massacre groups of infantry in seconds, and if you happen to have a few Chem warriors accompanying you, that mob better be ready to dig their own grave. If you do get killed, the corrosive effects of the chem sprayer should be able to bring some extra HP down. If you can't get the Chem warrior cause the HON is down or you don't have enoguh cash, use a flamethrower. It's not as strong as a chemsprayer, but it still works. If you find yourself in the path of a large mob of enemy infantry, you should learn to be proficient with your pistol - as this is much more powerful per shot than either GDI or NOD miniguns and with enough headshots, can take out 2 characters per clip, but its still not very reliable cause you're better off with your main weapon.

If you are an engineer/technician/Hotwire, use your Remote C4. They're devastating to groups of infantry, and if they manage to enter a building then you will be near a purchase terminal for very quick reloads. Try tossing mines in front of the rush. The rush might (not always) pause a while before deciding to run straight through the mines, buying you and your team a few more valuable seconds. Techs and Hotwires can also prevent infantry rushes by mining tunnels where appropriate, but it is usually preferred to mine the base itself.

[edit] Good maps for Infantry Rushes

C&C_Field and C&C_Under are probably the best maps for Mobius/Mendoza rushing. C&C_Mesa is good for Gunner Rushes, and C&C_Islands and Volcano favor all kinds of infantry rush. C&C_Walls_Flying is a classic for SBH rushes, since GDI will have a hard time defending against SBHs plus it offers lots of spots to hide. Volcano in particular is a great map for Rocket/Grenadier rushes since the pillboxes above the Refineries of both bases will protect you from ground fire leaving only your back exposed in the tunnel. Bringing along a sniper to cover your back is recommended. Maps without defenses are also good candidates for kamikaze engineer rushes where a group of 3-4 engineers runs in and goes crazy on a building with remote C4. 3 engineers can kill a building in no time with all their remote C4, and if not stopped can also kill a second building with their timed C4.

[edit] Destruction via Bombardment

Bombardment is probably the most common form of destruction, and will likely occur throughout the entire game on most servers. Mobile Rocket Launcher Systems and Mobile Artillery are obviously the vehicles of choice for this purpose, having long range and vicious damage capacity. Sometimes, Medium Tanks, Mammoth Tanks and Light Tanks are sometimes used in abscence of these units, but they have to be much closer and do not do as much damage, which nullifies the advantage somewhat. Though bombardment is common and a very obvious option to wrecking the enemy base, more often than not you will not actually destroy any structures if you are facing a skilled team. The cash and points output of bombarding are excellent, but you are giving the enemy a fraction of it if they are repairing the structure continuously, which they should be. Make no mistake, bombardment CAN wreck enemy structures quickly if not attended to, but this method is more useful for tying up manpower that may otherwise stymie your team's efforts elsewhere.

There is no subtelty to bombardment. You simply get the vehicle, bring it over and start blowing up the structure of your choice. The enemy's attention is simply not a factor here, as it is incredibly hard to miss where the missiles/shells are coming from. As soon as you start, expect retribution attempts to be swift. This is why you need support - the disadvantage of MRLS and Artillery is that they are slow and fragile. As much as they have power, they cannot defend themselves, as their armour is like tinfoil - even basic rifle infantry can quickly mash them. Having support engineers alone is not enough (although a technician/hotwire "teching" the MRLs/Artilleries are almost completely invincible) - bombardment is done best when supported by tanks. However, even in these circumstances, the bane of bombardiers is Snipers, which can rip the MRLs/Artilleries to shreds with a few clips and can shoot from anywhere that they can see the vehicles - and are thus hard to target.

If you are able to bombard multiple buildings (for example, on Mesa or City), then there are two tactics you can use, each with different advantages. The first of which is of course the most obvious, and that is that everyone on your team should focus on a single enemy building. This will force the enemy to bring most of their engineering-type infantry to that single building. If you can rush that building with anti-infantry, it would be devastating to the enemy's base repair capabilities (and of course, the building itself). This is usually easier said than done however, which brings me to the second tactic: a round-robin attack. Instead of everyone focuses on a single building, only half of the bombadiers focus on a single building and the rest attack other buildings in turn. This will force the enemy's engineers to walk back-and-forth between the buildings, which will at the very least expose them to your team's sniper fire. In addition, if the enemy turns lax in their attention, they will not repair one or more of the buildings. If this becomes apparent (eg, the building doesn't get repaired for more than a minute or two), then be sure to let your team know -- Radio Commands come quite handy here -- so that they will all focus on that single building and hopefully kill it before the enemy team realizes that most (if not all) of your team has changed their main focus.

There are some maps where it's possible to attack the base defenses without those base defenses retaliating at you (some examples: Field, Mesa, Hourglass, Under), but that's a harder concept to explain and grasp than simply pointing and shooting. I'm not only taunting you (go join a clan, any good clan can teach you), but letting you know in case you come across someone doing it to your base: they are not cheating.

[edit] Countering Bombardment

Snipers can inflict an ungodly amount of hell on Artillery and MRLS units. Deadeye/Black Hand snipers can destroy a bombardment unit in around 8 or so shots - Havoc/Sakura snipers will eat them for breakfast with just 6 shots. Better still are PIC/Raveshaw units, which will burn big fat holes in a bombadier in very few shots, but have a much shorter range, not to mention much less of a firing rate. Detecting the source of bombardment is a non-issue - just look for the smoke trails. A properly repaired/supported bombardment movement can counter the snipers by having as many Technicians/Hotwires (or roughly three engineers per 2 snipers, and no less than 2 engineers) as there are snipers. However, most snipers will specifically target the repairers - ideally, the repairers would take cover behind the vehicle.

[edit] Destruction via Vehicle Rush

Vehicle rushes are commonly executed and are frequently totally devastating. On servers where you have a large amount of starting cash (or a low amount of starting cash, but !donate is enabled), they can occur very early in the game. However, they mostly occur in the mid-to-late game, as an effort to get rid of the base defenses (whether by killing the base defenses themselves, or killing the supporting power plants). They require a great deal of defense to stop, to the point where if they actually do reach the base it can spell the end of the game. Nod are the masters of the Vehicle Rush, their Stealth and Flame Tanks being the best vehicles to do rushes with. These attacks need a good teamwork to successfully pull off, however.

The Stealth Tank Rush is probably the deadliest vehicle rush in the entire game. Nothing short of luck is often the factor in detecting a Stealth Tank rush before it hits the base - once it does, the combined damage from their rockets is nearly impossible to out-repair, and you will more than likely lose a structure if your team has nothing short of brilliant teamwork. However, of all the viable vehicle rushes, the Stealth Tank Rush is the most fragile one - if the base actually IS well-defended enough, Stealth Tanks tend to die quickly due to their lack of armour.

The Flame Tank Rush is the second nastiest rush. They are a lot more durable than Stealth Tanks, and thusly take a lot more to kill. They deal ongoing, steady damage instead of bursts, but they are still impossible to out-repair in large numbers. They do not have the advantage of subterfuge however, and can be sighted before they reach the base. Another disadvantage to the Flame Tank Rush is that they also have a relatively short range compared to most other vehicles and most of your effective anti-vehicle infantry, so they will need to get pretty close to you before you need to worry about their fire. Often they can be deterred by blocking their path towards the base defence with a heavily-armoured vehicle (APC/Med/Mammy), and allowing the base defences to continue to punish them - however this often ends up costing the vehicle used to block, as flame tanks can decimate vehicles that they are beside.

Out of the rest of the vehicles available, only Medium Tanks and Light Tanks make the cut for rushes. Mammoth Tanks deal ridiculous damage and have huge armour, but are simply too slow and large to 'rush' properly. The only map that this can work on is Hourglass since you can send multiple Mammoths over the hill and one or two around each side as well, preventing the Mammoths themselves from choking each other's movement and lines of fire. On other maps, they will be sighted long before they hit the base and the base defenses will chew through them as they slowly chug into the base. Speed is the deciding factor in rushes. Medium Tanks have good armour and average speed, as well as a fairly decent punch. They can be used fine for rushes, but don't quite have the same impact as Nod's. Light Tank rushes are also viable, but their lack of armour makes it a dicey prospect. This should only be done if funds are low. APCs and Transport Helicopters aren't used for direct attacks, and are instead a vessel for infiltration. Bombardment units will die in seconds of getting into the range of the base defenses. If humvees, buggies or aircraft turn up for a rush, try not to laugh too hard.

If you are a bombardment vehicle in a rush, don't aim for the upper part of buildings unless it's the main target of your rush and is the only part visible: your bombardment vehicle does a lot of splash damage and will likely kill a lot of defending infantry if you target next to the building's doors instead. Don't target the doors directly: they do not damage the building (you will damage it by splash damage, but nothing like a direct hit will), which is probably a bug in the game. Instead, target the building's door frame. It's plenty splash damage to kill or gravely wound infantry and is still a direct (more powerful) hit on the building.

If, however, you are an APC, then be sure to load yourself up with infantry, preferrably engineers or Hotwires/Technicians. If you get three or more of them, then be sure to tell them to use Remote C4s first, instead of their Timed C4s: six Remote C4s will kill a building instantly, as explained earlier. Be sure to put the "correct" side of your APC closest to the door. For the Nod APC, put the back of your APC to the door... for GDI's APC, it's the front left side (this is probably a bug, it should by appearance be the back of GDI's APC). Leave about a foot or two of room between the APC and the door though, otherwise the infantry will either not be able to get out, or will get out and not be able to get into the building. The reason you're aligning your APC "correctly" is so that the infantry have as little walking distance as possible and to expose them to enemy fire and enemy vehicles less. There's nothing like loading your APC full with Hotwires/Technicians, getting right to the enemy base, and then they all hop out just to get run over by an enemy tank. Once the infantry are inside the building, be sure to guard the door. This will prevent the enemy from getting reinforcements into the building. In servers with "shell" modifications (where the vehicles turn into undrivable but still repairable burnt heaps), blow it up with one remote C4 to completely destroy the shell. If you dont put and blow it the enemy will steal that APC, which they will likely use against you later, or will collect them to ruin your "vehicle limit".

[edit] Countering Vehicle Rushes

Nod doesn't have as much to worry about as the GDI do, given the fact that the best they can do is the Medium Tank rush, and Nod have much better anti-tank infantry, who are the key to stopping a vehicle rush. PIC/Raveshaw and Mobius/Mendoza are absolutely vital in stopping large vehicle rushes, as nothing else has enough punch to take down the vehicles quickly enough. If you can, get your team to co-ordinate firepower and take down one tank at a time rather than wearing them all down at once - limiting their firepower will make it harder for them to succeed.

Either way, spotting a rush early conveys a huge advantage. Organisation and being prepared for the attack are the most useful things you can have (though the anti tank infantry certainly doesn't hurt). This is not always as simple as you might think though, as people may be doing other things and no-one is monitoring the battlefield as a whole. But remember, if you see a large contingent of vehicles moving in (or even just one or two early ones), alert your team!

[edit] Destruction via Beacons

Beacons are a particularly popular method of base destruction. They can instantly destroy buildings and everything near them. Unfortunately, this method is very expensive and requires the beacon to be defended from engineer-type units. Beacon Planting is accessible to all infantry, even basic units, but it costs 1000 credits per beacon, so think before you buy. Like infiltration, planting a beacon requires a lack of attention on the enemy's part - you need to buy yourself as much time as possible. However, unlike Infiltration it is quite impossible to go undetected when beaconing, due to the warnings generated and the loud beeping of the beacon.

The biggest mistake that many players make is buying a Stealth Black Hand and dropping a nuclear strike beacon inside a building(on wall-flying, however, it is higly reccomending to puc the nuke inside the barr next to the mct, becouse of the beeping, people will think it is outside, giving you allready 5-10 seconds. if you put your time C4 in the right possition, they will have to disarm it or get blown up.) , all the while assuming that the plan is foolproof. However, it is just the opposite. Beacons make a beeping sound that can be heard from a short distance, and can quickly be disarmed by an engineer. Also, one Stealth Black Hand is not enough to defend itself. The number one rule that few players seem to follow is to defend the beacon: The enemy team gets 300 points and credits by disarming it. Beacons just need to be close to a building in order to destroy it - the blast radius on them is quite generous, but placing it too far will result in the beacon only causing damage and not destroying the structure outright. However, placement can buy you quite a great deal of time (depending on the map).

[edit] Beacon Protection

This is the most important part of the beacon strategy, even more important than the placement. You can find the best place in the world to put it, but unless it is actually physically inaccessible to repair (due to a glitch, you dirty cheater) it will be found. At this point, you must protect the beacon with your life (and the lives of the enemy you will be killing).

Basic protection involves throwing C4 on the beacon itself to prevent the beacon from being hit with a repair beam. This can also be achieved by standing on the beacon to block repair beam fire but you generally won't last long doing this unless the enemy are idiots and don't try to kill you. Hotwires and Techs can make very mean beacons by throwing all their C4, including proximity mines, on/around the beacon to cover it in objects that will absorb the repair beam fire. Since C4 takes 5-10 seconds to disarm by itself, placing even one of these on top of the beacon properly will often buy you the time you need.

A second facet of using C4 to protect a beacon involves placing the timed C4 on the floor or walls in areas where the disarming teams will have to stand to remove your beacon. Most people don't look for C4 on the floor that's 6 or 7 feet away, and if placed properly they'll have to remove it first or face death during their disarming process. On many maps, depending on where you place your beacon you can severely limit the enemy's ability to disarm. Think of a circle where the enemy can only view your beacon to disarm it from 10-15 degrees of the entire 360 degree circle. If you drop C4 in that small slice of possible disarming, you effectively remove it or at least hinder the enemy for a few more seconds, during which time you should be shooting them if you are alive. A general rule is to try and place them in corners (which only give 90 degrees of access) or in the ends of "U" shaped pockets (such as inside the ridges of the back of the Tiberium Refinery).

When in doubt, do not place the beacon: it's better to just lose your 1000 credits than it is to place your beacon and have it disarmed. Having your beacon disarmed is exactly the same as losing your 1000 credits, except that now the enemy team is 300 points (and the disarmer/one of the disarmers is 300 credits) higher. Also, in some servers the beacon spawns at the point where it was disarmed and can be picked up by your opponent. One disarmed beacon has decided the fate of very many close games. Multiple beacons disarmed has alone paid for quite many enemy vehicle rushes.

[edit] Where to place a Beacon

This subsection will teach you the best places to put down your beacon on each building. Remember though, these are just guidelines - use your own judgement before anything else. If you can creatively improvise, go ahead, but don't waste your chance. Bear in mind that the Base Defenses (Advanced Guard Tower and Obelisk of Light) generally make poor beacon targets due to their small shape and simple design.

[edit] Infantry Barracks

Most of the time, it is best to place them at the top of the barracks. Any infantry inside the barracks will have to run a maximal distance to get at the beacon, buying you more time. The best map for this is C&C_Field if you can get behind the Barracks without being wiped out by the Advanced Guard Tower - you will need an APC and some nifty driving. However, there is simply no way in hell you'll go unnoticed while doing this unless the entire GDI team is off having a picnic. The worst map for this is C&C_Islands, where the back of the barracks is right infront of one of the War Factory exits. On Flying maps, you have the additional bonus of being able to put the beacon underneath the ramps. This is very awkward to fix beacons in, especially if any engineers come under assault fire.

[edit] Hand of Nod

You pretty much can't win with this structure. There's an exit to the back and front and windows at the side that can be jumped out of. On flying maps, you might try the roof or under the ramps, but they are both easily accessible as well. It's also easy to get spotted on the roof, and a sniper will be sure to be called in to pop you in the head if you do get busted. On flying maps, you can stick one under the stairs which is tough to get to, especially if you place C4 to block it or defend possible disarming points. The Hand's windows usually work against a beaconer since most people choose to beacon the pedestal here if it is enabled, but the windows can save you from having to deal with mines as long as you can get on the rooftop first and then slide down the side of the building into the window. This obviously only works on Flying maps, but works well as most people only mine the doors and the first window by the stairs. If you can climb to the roof and then fall in the back window, you have successfully defeated all those mines with little effort, and people will certainly be confused when they see someone destroyed the building from the inside while all the mines are still intact. You can even jump out the back window to make your escape without killing the mines on the entrances.

[edit] Weapons Factory

You pretty much can have a field day with this structure. Its large and awkward shape means it'll take longer for the enemies to get at the beacon, plus a whole side of the factory is completely uncovered by its exits. The obvious angle you might think to take is to plant the beacon inside the garage, but this is both easily detected and risky as an unaware GDI member may purchase a vehicle, resulting in you getting squished. Also, if the War Factory's garage doors are open for a while, GDI players might check inside the garage for SBHs. On the flip side of this is that unaware GDI members might purchase a vehicle and squish the engineers trying to fix the beacon. Be aware that on certain maps a glitch exists whereby the empty space just behind the garage counts as being inside the garage, so if a vehicle is bought, anything in the space will be squished too. On Flying maps, it gets even better due to the ramps - it will take the GDI around 5 seconds to get up all the ramps, buying you a lot of time. However, the ramp will normally be mined if you are facing a smart team. On certain maps (Flying maps and C&C_Canyon) it is possible to drop off the top of the factory or jump from ramps to the back wall of the factory. Your beacon will then be elevated from the ground and in a very awkward position to be disarmed, and this position is not immediately obvious to the average person which will buy you a few extra seconds of time. The Weapons factory in flying maps is the most fun to nuke - you can place the beacon along the edges/eves running below the topmost section of the factory (the beacon takes a full 10 seconds to reach), or under the ramp near the chimneys (this area is rarely, if ever, searched).

[edit] Airstrip

This can be a tricky one. The strip is long, but right out in the open - it'll be very easy to get caught in the act. Attempting to beacon the Control Tower is usually pointless, given its tiny size. Possibly the only decent map to beacon the Airstrip on is C&C_Complex, where the tunnel exit is a few paces from the end of the strip. Flying maps won't make a lick of difference either way, though planting it in the top section of the control tower is rarely done (but possible). One advantage to nuking the top of the tower in flying maps is that in every flying map it is impossibly easy to reach via orca, is wide out in the open with no engineer cover whatsoever, and is overlooked by multiple sniper nests. There is also a known bug where you can beacon the Airstrip on C&C_Canyon from the roof of the tunnel bunker by the Hand of Nod. This can be reached by walking up the infantry pathway entering the Nod base and then jumping over the small rock wall to get on top of the bunker entrance (where the harvester goes). Once there, you can place your beacon at the back edge of the bunker about 6-7 feet above the airstrip and it will still kill the building. This is a very difficult beacon to disarm from the ground if placed properly, and is easily defended by the beacon placer.

[edit] Refinery

The first thought is to obviously place the beacon in the path between the small silo and the refinery itself, but almost everyone with a brain will look there first if they suspect the refinery is beaconed. There is a more cunning spot, but it's also obvious - placing the beacon just as the Harvester is about to dump its cash into the refinery. Executed right, the Harvester will completley cover the beacon and make it almost impossible to defuse. Bear in mind though that the harvester won't stay over the beacon for the full duration of its timer, as the Harvester's stays at the refinery are far shorter than the beacon's timer. Flying maps add a platform, a ramp and some pillars to the refinery but this is quite close to an exit and people often tend to search there as a priority too.

[edit] Power Plant

This can be awkward to beacon on certain maps. More often than not, the Power Plant is right at the back of the base, and though its doors face away from the rest of the base, the curved part with no doors usually faces the rest of the base. On flying maps however, a new opportunity is presented on the roof - though be aware that people will often look there first. There is an additional advantage in that there is a small row of sandbags just before the end of the roof - if done carefully, you can place a beacon behind these sandbags which can confuse the enemy, buying more time.

[edit] Countering Beacons

First of all, don't panic - the countdown to doom might be ominous and all, but if you remain focused you will have more chance of finding it. First off, follow your ears; the beacon is quite loud when counting down, a rough and quick sweep of your base will hopefully clue you in (usually going in an "X" between all the buildings will suffice). When you find it, first thing to do is alert your team. Use the Radio Commands or a simple abbreviation in the team channel. Once you know which structure it's in, search the above points of interest. Remember the pedestal is always a priority target on some servers - check the server rules before you join, or press and hold the 'L' key once you have joined to bring up the server settings dialog. Once you've found it, either get to disarming it, get an engineer, or if you're an expensive infantry unit and haven't recouped your credit expenses, fire at the beacon to point it out to your teammates. Once it's started being defused, STAY CLOSE BY. More often than not the planter will be close by waiting for the engineers to stop moving so he can headshot them (This is a favourite tactic for SBHs.) If you ARE an engineer, keep your ears peeled for gunfire. Rely on your support to eliminate the beaconer - chances are you can't outgun them. Focus on defusing the beacon, but go evasive! Stay alive as a priority - having to run back to the beacon buys it more time.

As additional notes, watch out for C4. Often the beaconer will stick down a piece of timed C4 near the beacon to blow up anyone trying to defuse the beacon. ALWAYS, ALWAYS defuse the timed C4 first - the only exception to this rule ever is if you have more than 2 engineers and there is not enough time to defuse both. The timed C4 has a nasty habit of exploding and killing every repairer just before they've finished defusing - and if you cannot defuse the C4 before it explodes then you would not have survived defusing the beacon. Also, beware of the planter trying to get inbetween you and the beam. Finally, if a beacon hit seems inevitable unless you sacrifice your expensive infantry type, do it. You'll also get 300 credits and points out of the deal, at least. Your team will thank you for it. However, if the beacon is known to be at either the Weapons Factory/Airstrip or Barracks/Hand of Nod, and you do not have enough time to get to it and defuse, buy a [vehicle/character] quickly (even if it is something cheap, it's still better than nothing at all).

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