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There are numerous buildings in Renegade. Select the building you wish to get more info from. Note that these topics will deal with the Multi player buildings, and not the Single player buildings as seen in the Storyline.

(Buildings with a * only occur on special designed maps. Some other buildings like the Turret/Guard Tower are optional and in most cases server bound. Other buildings like the Repair Pad only come forth in certain maps. Not all map types support them!)

[edit] GDI Buildings


GDI Power Plant

GDI Weapons Factory

GDI Refinery

Advanced Guard Tower

Guard Tower

Repair Pad

GDI Advanced Communication Center*

[edit] NOD Buildings

Hand of NOD

NOD Power Plant


NOD Refinery



Repair Pad

SAM Site

Nod Communications Center*

Shrine of NOD*

Temple of NOD*

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