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[edit] Introduction

SSGM, Server Side Game Manager, is a server side modification created by It is designed to add new gameplay and administration features to the game.

[edit] Features

SSGM adds many new features to the server.

  • Crates
    • The crates are based upon the crates seen in previous C&C games. Crates spawn randomly around the map and can cause either good or bad things for the player that picks it up.
  • Vehicle Wreckages
    • Vehicle wreckages of the GDI APC, Medium Tank, and Humm-vee, and Nod APC and Light Tank spawn when those vehicles die. These wreckages can then be repaired by an engineer to revive the vehicle.
  • Drop Weapons
    • Players will drop either their main weapon or a health boost when they die.
  • Extra Log Output
    • SSGM includes its own logging system which logs many things that the game normally does not. Such as player deaths, purchases, building destruction, etc. These are used by many administration bots.
  • Game Modes

[edit] Server Download

The latest version of SSGM, 2.0.2, can be downloaded here.

[edit] Do I need to download anything?

No, you don't need to download anything to play on servers running SSGM. It's all serverside, but if you'd like you can download Jonwil's scripts.dll for access to additional features, like extra sounds and keyboard shortcuts.

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