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This is getting rather long (not that it's a bad thing... just harder to read). If you want to add all of the missions, it would probably be best to break it up into a separate page for each mission. -- 00:46, 8 April 2006 (CDT)

I would love it if it were so. It'd certainly make organization a lot easier. Unfortunately I don't know how that would be done...

Copy the text from each section and make a new article for each level. -Hoosteen5

[edit] Thank You!

Thanks for everyone that cleans up my spelling/grammar. English isn't my first language, and when I type I tend to make obvious mistakes since I try to type fast. But yeah...thanks guys.


No problem -Hoosteen5

[edit] Single Player Mode Info!

I'm very glad someone's finally working on this. The Campaign tutorials will be a good help to new players and some old players as well. My only real knock to this is that there's still no information on the Single Player characters or anything like that, but the way I see's all in due time. --Dr. Lithius 01:09, 27 May 2006 (CDT)

~Dover seems to be on a hiatus. Go ahead and work on the characters if you'd like. -Hoosteen

I'm back. I got lazy, played other games, had to reinstall Renegade and didn't want to beat it again in Commando, but I'm back now...

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