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[edit] The Chemical Sprayer

Few weapons can match the sheer power of Nod's Chemical Sprayer at close range. However, many players in public servers do not understand either the sheer power or the proper usage of this superb weapon.

[edit] Strengths

The Chem Sprayer is a very capable weapon in close combat when used correctly. It will tear through most infantry units in no time flat and can do plenty of damage to even the heaviest of vehicles. It even can do damage to buildings, in fact, a mixture of Chem(Chemical) Troopers and Nod Engineers rushing through the tunnels can be quite devastating in AOW games. The Chem Sprayer is also excellent for early-game attacks on the enemy Harvester (lay your Timed C4 first and then hose it down with chem) and clearing out tunnels (usually with help from sniper units). It can also walk unharmed through fields of Tiberium, creating new attack opportunities. If left unchallenged, a Chem Trooper can destroy a building with his C4 and chem sprayer on the MCT. In fact, the Chem Trooper is the cheapest character who can kill a building by himself (besides the Grenadier who is free). Mixed with his tiberium proof suit, Chem Troopers are the ultimate harv-walkers. Finally, Chem Troopers are a bargain at 150 credits compared to more common rush units such as Raveshaws or Stealth Black Hands. Chem Troopers also take 25% less damage from C4 than most characters do.

[edit] Weaknesses

The Chemical Sprayer has its flaws, though. It has a short range which makes it less useful against vehicles (especially Orcas, Apaches, MRLS, and Artilleries) than some players think. Also, Nod's Chem Trooper unit has a few major flaws. Their large red helmets provide easy headshots for snipers, and their bright green uniforms stick out on most maps. Their weapon fire can also be seen from long distances since it penetrates walls (although it doesn't do damage through them) which can make them very easy to track down. Finally, Chem Troopers do not have an enormous amount of health or armor at 150/100.

[edit] In conclusion

The Sprayer is an excellent close-combat weapon that is very under-utilized in public servers. However, its associated unit (Trooper) is not as strong as some people think, even so, it still is a good unit for the price, and should not be underestimated if he does get very close at an enemy.

Happy Hunting!

-- T-Bird

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