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[edit] Introduction

The Flame Tank (also known as a "flamer" or "flame") is a formidable foe, the most popular rushing vehicle on Nod's side, and a building-wrecker. This topic will give you an in depth look at this "hot" tank.

[edit] Flame tanks uses

Flame tank.jpg

The Flame Tank widely known for its rushing capability. A small group can quickly mow down any buildings within its range. Hitting infantry sets them aflame, making it harder for them to see you, and its 400 health and armor also make it difficult to destroy. If you can get close enough, the flame tank is highly effective against vehicles and is capable of destroying even Mammoth Tanks quickly if they get close enough or able to surprise them!

  • costs: 800 credits

A little costly, but it can quickly repay you if you get to a building and stay close to enemy's!

  • Weapon: Flames

Does massive damage! The biggest of all Nod tanks. Try to fire both it's flames on a target to do the fully 100% damage.

  • seats: 2

An extra passenger can always come in handy, although most of the time you won't have one.

  • Health: 400 armor: 400

The strongest of all the Nod tanks in armor and health! The same as The Medium Tank.

[edit] Strengths

The Flame tank is the strongest tank in close combat! This is because unlike other ground tanks, the Flame tank doesn't need to reload to fire. It can fire unlimited amount of fire. (Where does he get all his gas then?)

  • Strongest in close combat- even GDI's mighty mammoth tank won't stand a chance if it gets close enough!
  • Maximum effect against infantry (provided that one uses 1 barrel against an infantry)
  • Highest health of Nod's tanks
  • Great VS buildings

[edit] Weaknesses

Nevertheless, the Flamer has its disadvantages! Not only is it's range the lowest of all the tanks, he needs to get close to any target in order to do significant damage... If an enemy spots a flame, they can retreat and fire at the same time thus weakening a flame tank.

  • Short range
  • Can be taken out from afar
  • Slow moving
  • Not effective vs aircrafts, MLRS (at distance), mammoth's (at medium to far distance)

[edit] Flame rush

The Flame rush, a very effective way to destroy GDI! Even the most seasoned GDI general will shiver when he sees a group of these tanks driving to his base.

The Flame rush was born when some Nod high officials wanted to create a weapon fro mass destruction. On Kane's order, the Flame tank was created. At that time, they tested there new toy on an innocent village, and with the cover up that this tank was GDI's new tank, this resulted in a mass scandal for the GDI.

Since the scandal was loose, Nod was able to begin over to mass producing them. Special trained units would drive these death tanks, for they could exploit at any time if the enemy hadn't killed them yet. These drivers are either very suicidal or dumb.

If the Flame rush would reach their target the changes of it being destroyed was high if not impossible to stop.

[edit] Creating a rush

In order to create a flame rush, one needs a group of at last 2 tanks (although 3 should be a minimum unless the enemy is already weakened!) One should have the field for at last 51% in Nod's control. If this is lower, the changes of GDI being able to stop the rush is a fact! Or send out an alarm to warn their base of the rush.

If you get towards the enemy base, there are a few options you can do. This is based upon the defenses the enemy has!

  • If their defense is weak you can spread out your rush to 2 or 3 buildings, this way GDI can't repair all their buildings and will loose them easy.
  • If they have a stronger defense (mainly infantry) use 2 tanks to attack the infantry; The rest can then go ahead and do some nice damage.
  • If their defense is strong (mainly tanks) use a tank or 2 to engage the enemy tanks to stop them from blocking the rest of your rush! Sometimes it is better to die then to try and get a few points.
  • If the defense they have is very strong (mixture of tanks and infantry) try to divide them so they can't surround and destroy the rush.

[edit] Conclusion

The Flame tank: one of the best tanks for rushing, and a tank you should never underestimate when it gets close. Use it to your best options and remember this:" Burn 'em baby".

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