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[edit] Introduction

Light tank.jpg

The Light Tank is a fast tank with a small cannon, and armor of 300 HP. But what makes this tank so powerful? This article shows you why the Light Tank is better than the Flame Tank and the Stealth Tank.

[edit] Light tank Uses

Let's look at the Light Tank, you can see that the shape is very different than the Medium Tank. It's smaller and much faster. You can also see that the Light Tank has a smaller cannon, and that's why its firepower is less then the Medium Tank. The advantage of this tank is that you can easily evade tank shells with it.

  • costs: 600 credits

Not to costly for what it is worth.

  • Weapon: Shells

Medium range, uses shells 1 per clip. Infinite ammo though.

  • seats: 2

Very handy that extra passenger! Especially if it is an engeneer or a technician.

  • Health: 300 armor: 300

Only 200 HP in total less then the medium tank making it faster, but therefor also weaker.

[edit] Strength

Due to the speed of this tank, you can do some hit and run tactics. Ambushing enemy tanks and then retreating is where the Light Tank excels. Because this tank is small, you can perfectly hide behind objects and little hills. And because GDI doesn't have Stealth units, you can jump out your tank and repair with less risk of theft (use a Technician for this).

If your team can get 5 Light Tanks out in the beginning of the game (which is easy to do before GDI can get Medium Tanks, which cost 800 credits) the chance is high your team will win the game. A perfect combination to hold the field in maps like Field and Under is: 1 Artillery, 4 Light Tanks and 2 Stealth Tanks. The Light Tanks can hold the field with their endurance, while the Artillery hits some spots with his powerful shells (around 90 HP damage per shot!) and the Stealth Tanks shoot the enemy with rockets when it's needed. Experienced players can win a 2 VS 2 against Medium Tanks with their Light Tank. They can evade many of the Medium Tank's shots while they hit almost all their shots. But if those Medium Tanks have a Hotwire to cover them, then the Light Tanks are toast.

Of course you have to change the turret view or else the Light Tank is almost useless. The Light Tank is powerful because it can evade (if the driver is experienced) 1/2 of the tank shells shot at him while he shoots back, because GDI's tanks are slow and big, a driver of a Light Tank can easily let most of his shells be a hit.

  • Very fast
  • Excels in hit and run
  • Great first assault tank
  • Can hold out against other tanks pretty well when in small groups
  • Can hide well behind objects

[edit] Weaknesses

The Light Tank's poor armor makes it almost useless in small places (IE: one of the flanks on Hourglass). That and his weak cannons are the Light Tank's only disadvantages. In my opinion, the Light Tank is Nod's best tank. But can it take on the competition with the Medium Tank? Unless the Medium Tanks are assisted by enginner or elite 'Hotwire' units the Light Tank can defeat a Medium Tank. The Light Tank's speed makes up for its lesser firepower and lighter armor.

  • Will die when vs GDI tanks
  • Not effective against faster units
  • Has rather light armor
  • Falls rapidly against Mobius units and/or Pic's

[edit] VS base Defenses

Because the Light tank is the 2th strongest Nod tank, it can be useful in a rush vs the AGT! It will hold out pretty long before being destroyed and therefor can be troublesome for the AGT to destroy. A group of 4 should have no problem killing it even if it getting repaired.

If GDI on the other hand wishes to block you, they are allowed, because of the shape of the light tank, the guns of the Advanced Guard Tower can't see it, and thus will stop firing within 5-10 seconds. This will give you enough time to destroy the tank and then continue the siege on the AGT.

Normal Guard Tower's can be more difficult cause you need to hit the top of the tower to really do damage. And one light tank can get a little damaged from 1 GT... So either get some backup engineers, or a group of tanks to quickly kill it! Once the lights have killed or are holding the Base defenses (and thus GDI) busy, the stronger tanks of Nod will have no trouble killing of GDI.

[edit] My opinion

The Light Tank.JPG

Yes, in my opinion the Light Tank is the best tank in Renegade. Although the Medium Tank has more firepower and armor, the Light Tank's speed will laugh at the shells of the Medium tank. Please bare in mind though that Light Tanks are practically useless at killing buildings with their low firepower, one Hotwire can defend against multiple Lights. Also skilled players can easily defeat Light tanks in a 2v2 by aiming slightly ahead of where the Light is headed(this is called leading the target and it will assist everyone with everything). Overall both tanks are balanced, it is merely a matter of opinion.

NOTE: Change the turret view to be able to evade and shoot at the same time.

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