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The Medium Tank is the middle child of the tank family. It's slower than the Light Tank, Stealth Tank, or Flame Tank. It's not as heavily armed as the Mammoth, nor does it have the range of Mobile Artillery or MRLSes, but it is a solid overall choice because while it excels in nothing it does everything pretty well. I only prefer the Light Tank to the Medium Tank for its lower profile and quickness, but in a contest between drivers of equal skill the Medium Tank should win due to its extra armor and increased damage. Treat it as a slower but beefier Light Tank and you'll be A-OK in most situations.

The Medium Tank does good damage to infantry, vehicles, and buildings alike, it's not too slow, and it can take quite a bit of punishment before dying. It also out ranges Flame Tanks and Stealth Tanks by quite a bit, which in the hands of a good driver is a recipe for death. Generally speaking, if you see a Flame or Stealth Tank from a distance, consider it cannon fodder because as long as you back away while shooting, that tank won't get close enough to kill you. Medium Tanks also work well for Obelisk rushing, as they can take 3 hits before dying. A group of 4 Medium Tanks will be able to take down the Obelisk with a quickness, probably only losing one tank on the way in to Obelisk fire. This assumes no other infantry or vehicles are defending, of course... change tactics as appropriate.

Most of the tactics that apply to Light Tanks apply to the Medium Tank as well for tank-to-tank fights; use your terrain wisely, bob and weave from shots, and use other vehicles for cover as well. The Medium Tank sits higher off the ground than the Light Tank does, so it can be shot more easily over the lower walls that are found on many levels, and it is a bit longer and slower than the Light Tank as well, so it is a tad harder to dodge shots with, but you have more armor to make up for it. Essentially, you're dealing with two varieties of the same object, so the same strategies apply. DO NOT let Flame Tanks get close to you, as they will fry you with amazing quickness at close range. They can also drive close enough that the Medium Tank's cannon will get stuck inside the cockpit of the Flame Tank, which will oftentimes make your shots do no damage to the Flame Tank. This sucks, so try to avoid it.

It takes 37 shells to kill a building with a Medium Tank, barring any repair work by the enemy. That doesn't take very long, especially if you can shoot another building to make a false EVA warning for the other team, then go to town on the one you really want to kill. 2 or 3 Medium Tanks make good surprises on maps with no defense, and can also be used to camp the entrance to the enemy's base very well as they can handle just about every threat equally well, although as with all vehicle camping tactics repair support is the key to success. Be aware that one Technician can repair fast enough to counterbalance one Medium Tank, and one Engineer comes close but will lose out over time. Note that the Medium Tank does 10 more damage to vehicles per shot than the Light Tank; that's part of where your extra 200 credits went, and it was money invested wisely. As a side note, 7 shots from the Medium Tank will kill a Stealth Tank, 10 will kill a Light Tank, and 13 kills a Flame Tank.

All in all, while not as versatile or speedy as the Light Tank, the Medium Tank is probably better than every other tank in the game in terms of overall usefulness. There's rarely a situation that a Medium Tank can't handle (the only real exception being an Apache rush, but how often does that occur?), and as such it is an excellent vehicle for GDI to rely on no matter what the case.

                                                                 Written by Priestofb.
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