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[edit] The Ramjet Rifle

The Ramjet Rifle is a very useful weapon. Often times, however, it is labelled as the "NOOBjet". This is due to the fact that most people tend to think "Wow! 1,000 Credits for this unit? It must be the best in the game!" It's also quite notorious because, due to a simple coding error - fixed on servers with Pointsfix, it gives zounds of points when you fire on vehicles... But, well...the Ramjet Rifle certainly has its ups and downs, without a doubt. And that, friends, is why I'm here to teach you all about the power of the Ramjet Rifle.

[edit] Strengths

The Ramjet Rifle has its strengths and weaknesses. Its strengths lie in attacking infantry and light-armored vehicles(such as Humm-Vees and Apache Helicopters). Inversely, its weaknesses lie in that it simply cannot do much damage to heavily-armored vehicles. Let's take a look at the facts, shall we?:

  • VS Infantry - 200 Damage per Rifle Round(Body Shots)/1000 Damage per Rifle Round(Head Shots)/600 Damage per Rifle Round (Neck Shots)
  • VS Light Armor Vehicles - 60 Damage per Rifle Round
  • VS Heavy armor Vehicle - 5 Damage per Rifle Round

To give you greater insight, let's give you some examples.
Orcas/Apaches have 150/150 armor/health. Not very impressive stats, are they? But...take into consideration that the VTOL units can easily evade slower weapons(Tank Shells, Rockets...) as well as weapons with shorter range on them(Volt Auto Rifles, Chem Sprayers... Automatic Rifles and Chainguns, in some cases, too.) Given all this, one would think that the Apaches are a serious threat! Nearly invincible! Right?

Wrong! That's where the Ramjet Rifles come in... See, it's not very often -- almost never, in fact -- that a Helicopter unit is going to avoid the Ramjet Rifle's rocket-powered shells. Take into consideration that only 5 hits to a Helicopter unit will destroy it...and you have yourselves a fairly decent defense against airborne units, especially if you have more than one Ramjet Rifler on your team!
In addition, Ramjet Rifles are extremely helpful in ridding yourselves of annoying pests such as Mobile Rocket Launcher Systems or Mobile Artilleries. A good example of this is on the map C&C_Hourglass.MIX. It's common knowledge that people habitually sit atop the large hill in the middle of the map and, using the beyond-extreme ranges of the MRLS/Artilleries, do what's commonly known as hill camping, a practice of sitting atop the hill and demolishing the enemy's base from extreme distances. Well, not much can get to the hill campers on Hourglass...except for Sniper units. Sitting back and taking pot-shots at the hill-camping units is not only great for defense, but tremendously fun. The Ramjet Rifle can also be used to destroy other lightly-armored vehicles. Nod Buggies, Humm-Vees, and Transport Helicopters can be just as annoying as the attack helicopters or artilleries. Every little bit helps in a well-played team game.
Lastly, and most obviously, Ramjet Rifles do the most damage possible VS infantry. As stated, one bullet can kill most basic infantry. A body-shot to any of the free units will instantly kill them. A body shot for the purchasable units will hurt them, a second killing them. A headshot will terminate them altogether! Not bad for a simple jet-propelled projectile, eh?

[edit] Weaknesses

We've talked about the strengths... Now to talk about the weaknesses of this weapon!

First and foremost, the Ramjet Rifles are very, very noticable on the field. Not only can you see the rifle's barrel flash, as with most weapons, but the bullet also leaves a bright blue streak of light behind it, tracing its path all the way back to you! As such, if you're not very careful about hiding and/or keeping on the move, a counter-sniper might find you and pop your head like a zit before you even know they're there!
Additionally, the weapon makes a whole lot of noise when being fired. If an enemy hears you firing, they might come and investigate. Given that the weapon has a "cooldown time" of 1.33 seconds between rifle rounds, you might be out of luck, especially when faced with an Volt Auto Rifle-wielding unit, or even a really good player with an Automatic Rifle (this sometimes leads to cheating accusations.)
Finally, as mentioned before, Ramjet Rifles do a piddly amount of damage to heavily-armored vehicles such as tanks. An Engineer -- and I mean a regular old freebie one -- could repair the damage you do to a tank before you even fire off a second shot. All and all, it's just not worth it to open fire with a Ramjet Rifle on tanks or APC's if you can avoid it.

[edit] Ramjet Rifle vs. Sniper Rifle

This is a big question here, asked firstly by the community, and secondly by a sister opinion piece. "Which is better? The Ramjet Rifle, or the Sniper Rifle?" Truthfully, there is no clear-cut answer. It's quite often that you'll find Havoc getting his arse handed to him by a Black Hand Sniper...but then again, I've seen plenty of times where Sakura was mowing down row after row of Deadeye units. Let's take a look at the facts again, though.

  Deadeye/Black Hand Sniper Havoc/Sakura
Health and Armor 200/100 250/100
Weapon Ammo 4/32 4/32
Weapon Damage 100 200
Weapon Cooldown 1 Second 1.33 Seconds
Weapon Reload 3.06 Seconds 2.06 Seconds

If you're really talented with the Sniper Rifle, scoped or un-scoped, don't want too much enemy soldiers running after you, and don't want to concentrate or don't need to concentrate on taking out vehicles, instead aiming for just infantry, then indeed the Sniper Rifle units -- Deadeye and the Black Hand Sniper -- are your best bet. On nighttime missions like Field, 500 snipers are nearly undetectable-especially the Black Hand sniper's uniform, which gives him added camoflauge. Use that to your advantage and you'll be on your road popping Ramjetters in the face. However, if you feel that you need something with a little more punch to it...something that can easily make scrap metal out of lightly-armored vehicles as well as punch a silver dollar-sized hole through most infantry, the Ramjet Rifle units -- Havoc and Sakura -- might be your best bet. All and all, it's up to you, and up to the situation at the time...

[edit] In Summary

The Ramjet Rifle, despite its notority, is actually a pretty decent weapon when used correctly. It's great for base defense, offensive sniping, and just all-around messing with the enemy in some maps. However, it's hardly the best weapon in the game by any means.

[edit] 'n00bjet'

The Ramjet is often called a n00bjet because of the lack of skill needed to use the weapon. Rather than aiming for ones head, the Ramjet kills units in 1 hit and kills special units in 2 hits when aiming below the head.

                                        Written by SSSnext.
                    Re-translated and (primarily)cleaned-up by Dr. Lithius.
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