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[edit] Introduction

Nod's Stealth Black Hand, or SBH: is it n00bish or for the Elite? The SBH is one of the most used units of the game, its special ability to be invisible to the enemy at range makes it the perfect unit to do covert operations with. Internally destroying building with C4 or stealing enemy tanks, the SBH can do it left handed. This article will oversee the SBH.

[edit] Well-known tactics

Everyone knows what the SBH stands for, sbh nuking. Buying a SBH and a Nuclear Strike Beacon will give you the advantage of being invisible and being able to plant the beacon at the perfect time, either being when there is no enemy to spot or when your team is rushing in with tanks. Stealing enemy tanks is also something that is preferred to be done with SBH, waiting for an enemy to get out of his vehicle. Put Timed C4 on enemy tanks is something you can do, especially when the enemy has a MRLS lonely in the field. Stand next to a side of the MRLS, put the c4 there and wait until you re-stealth, while staying close to the MRLS until he can't find you anymore.

Something less done is meeting with an ally and buying another character and committing suicide (normally with a C4), so that a weapon will be dropped (weapon dropping is only available in certain severs). For example, if an engineer is killed, he will then will drop Remote C4. Your ally, being an SBH, will pick up the Remote C4, then go to a building and, without the knowledge of the other players, destroy it with the C4s. Another variation of this tactic is sniping: a sniper commits suicide and the SBH picks it up. This allows for a near-undetectable sniper.

[edit] Somewhat lesser-known tactics

A little-known "glitch" involving the sbh is that he unstealths upon clicking, not upon firing. This means that if you happen to secure a sniper rifle and click to scope, you unstealth. You should hide behind cover, turn on your scope, wait about 5 seconds, and then take all the time you need to line up your shots. This is PERFECT for sniper-heavy maps like C&C_Under and C&C_Field, where you'll have plenty of Havoc's heads to aim for.

Another lesser-known (And deeply gratifying) tactic is to use your timed C4 against enemy snipers. This is most commonly seen at the middle hill in C&C_Under, where it's easy to sneak a SBH up the hill. Once up there, line up behind a sniper and stick him with your timed C4. Chances are there are no engineers to defuse it, and you have an assured kill against that unit and maybe heavy damage to anyone unfortunate to be standing near him when it goes off. Often the C4'd sniper will be in scope mode, meaning he won't notice the C4 stuck on his arse.

note: this is especially fun when there are multiple snipers around the C4-ed one.

The SBH can also be used to create "suicide bombers" by covering them with your own team's proximity mines. Proxies, when placed on a vehicle or unit, will become invisible after you walk/drive about 80-90 meters in game. This makes the SBH covered in proxies a highly dirty tactic, especially on maps like Field in the tunnels.

Another little tactic which not many people know about is that covering the SBH in a certain way, leaves you invisible for base defenses as well. Especially useful if your base is under heavy fire and you manage to sneak away through the enemy without getting detected. This tactic requires some practice but if you get the hang of it you should be able to pull it off.

NOTE: This is considered "flaming infantry" on some servers. Do not do this if servers forbid this tactic. This may result in a kick or a ban.

Cheap? Probably. Underhanded? Most likely. Funny? You bet.

A trick that most persons never seem to use is use the SBH as a distraction. When getting in a base it's very handy to attack doesn't matter what, the enemy will come to you leaving most of there base less defended or unguarded making it easy for another group of units to infiltrate, eh voila. Now they got several enemy units in there base and if they are a little good they should be able to destroy alot of tanks, or kill a building.

[edit] Why it's known as noobish

Some people hate the SBH. This may be because the less intelligent players use it without a goal: they will buy it and then wait at the places where Spawn Weapons spawn. Or they may just use it to observe other players. Some persons will just get a SBH and try to steal enemy vehicles the whole game long, bringing almost no points in. Something that also is done very much is when the teams are close on points, someone on Nod will use a SBH to plant a Nuke. Under normal conditions and without careful planning it will be disarmed. This will give the enemy 300 points, enough to give GDI a lead.

Some people only like the SBH for the weapon- Firefly (Laser rifle), which is very effective against all enemy material (apart from heavily armored vehicles or buildings), but most people use it either for A) guarding a Stealth Nuke Strike Beacon or as a hybrid of an effective AP (anti personnel) and AV (anti-vehicle, i.e. lightly armored vehicles) and stealth.

Also, Stealth is sometimes taken seriously by the inexperienced, who assume they cannot be seen in any situation. In reality, it is only more difficult to see than a regular unit. From a short distance away, it is shown as a ripple of electricity. After they get killed, they'll often accuse their killer for cheating for hacks like "SBH reveal."

Other circumstances such as gunfire, explosions, chemical, fire or electric damage, falling damage, proxy mines exploding, dust clouds from footsteps or noise of footsteps will also draw attention to SBH. Some of these are very little known by public server players and some will even draw 'cheating' accusations from inexperienced (and dead) SBH players.

It is also seen as noobish to many people for its ability to snipe people, if they are playing on a server that grants weapon spawns or weapon drops. For once an SBH has a sniper rifle, you don't need any skill to kill off an enemy if he is far enough from the SBH sniper.

SBHs are also vulnerable to all units. Even a basic rifle trooper will kill a SBH if he gets a lead start with head shots. This also often leads to cheating accusations.

[edit] Conclusion

As long as you have a goal for using the SBH, you're elite. When you're just doing nothing useful with it, then you're noobish. The SBH needs to be used with organization if you want to be effective. Using it to blow up buildings with more than one SBH or to plant multiple Nuke Beacons will be more effective then a single beacon. When you aren't using it while organized, try putting your C4 on enemy MRLS or to steal an enemy tank. In my opinion the SBH is the best unit for Nod. And I think most people will agree.

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