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[edit] Introduction

TD Stealth Tank.JPG

The Stealth Tank from a cut scene of C&C1.

This article is about what Kane calls the Ezekiel's Wheel (Kane derived this name from the book of the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel out the Bible), also known as the Stealth Tank. It has special ability to be invisible, but does Nod need it? I think you'll already know the answer, but we'll look at the tank.

GDI has stolen the plans of our only prototype of our most valuable weapon, I call it the Ezkiel's Wheel. Essentially it's a stealth tank. -Kane

[edit] Stanks Explained

Stealth Tanks.JPG

Lets look at the Stealth Tank, you can see it's different to the Flame and Medium Tank. Something that is very easy to spot it that this tank doesn't have a cannon, but a dual rocket launcher (dealing 45 damage per rocket, so 90 HP if both missiles hit). And it gets a secondary weapon: 'The Lazarus Shield'. The Lazarus Shield is a cloaking device, which makes this tank the Stealth Tank. It gets the same kind of tires as the Light Tank, but has less armor (200 HP). The Light Missile launcher actually seems to be more effective then a normal cannon. One of the reasons behind this is that the missile are tracking at closer range.

[edit] Advantages

It has been demonstrated that a single stealth tank can defeat a Mammoth Tank on it's own if used properly, simply by dodging the mammoth's fire. However, in most cases you may gather 2-4 Stealth Tanks together to ambush GDI rushes before they reach the Nod base. Stealth Tanks are thus excellent at clearing the way for a Flame Tank Rush.

They are also the only Land-based vehicle which can effectively take out an ORCA or Apache. Anyone who says Stealth Tanks suck against flying units obviously doesn't know how to use them properly. A stealth tank can kill an ORCA in 4 direct hits. No other vehicle - in fact no other unit - has this level of effectiveness except the ramjet rifle.

[edit] Disadvantages

Without pointsfix, Stealth Tanks give away lots of points when used improperly. In close games where there is little hope of completely destroying the enemy base, continuing to shoot at random (becoming visible) in a stealth tank can be as n00by as placing a Nuke using nothing but a Stealth Black Hand to cover it.

Another point is that they have a large minimum range. Notice how the rockets arch up and impact about 5 meters away. Any infantry unit within this area cannot be fired upon, and you must attempt to run them over. However when infantry is this close, chances are they will attempt to lob C4 explosives at you which will make short work of a Stealth Tank's low armor.

[edit] In the field

What would be the best way to use a Stealth Tank? Simple, hit and run. The Stealth Tank is a special unit which requires special tactics. If you think that a stealth tank cannot beat a Medium tank on its own, you are wrong. It all depends on the level of skill the players have. Wait until the Medium is shooting the harvester or something and approach from his flank. Fire upon him rapidly while strafing side-to-side and avoid his fire. Most people hold the mouse button down in a tank when firing, so you can easily anticipate the duration between Medium Tank shots and hence time when to switch directions of travel. Remember a stealth tank has more firepower than a medium tank and hence you can easily deplete it's armor more effectively than a light tank.


Two Stealth Tanks ambush my Medium Tank. 1/4th of the Med's overall health is lost before I even fire off a shot. I was the Stank pack's fourth kill.

Prime targets for stealth tanks include anything up to Medium Tank rushes of the same size. 5 Stealt Tanks can fire upon one of the Medium Tanks at a time and destroy at least 2 of them completely before they other 3 know what is going on. From that point, the Stealth Tanks outnumber the Mediums and can safely continue to eliminate the remaining tanks. Just be careful of the Hotwires or Engineers which pop out of the ones you destroy, chance are they will either attempt to repair the remaining Medium Tanks OR throw timed C4 at you.

Running infantry over in a Stealth tank is a risky business. You should approach from their flank as with any GDI unit, and remain cloaked the entire time. If there is no way to safely approach them, go for the head shot. The Stealth tank missiles are highly effective against infantry if you can aim right, one body shot reduces even 1000 credit characters to 50% health. The fact the missiles are semi-tracking assists you in this endeavor however do not waste your time attempting to head shot a Mobious or PIC. This is the most effective against Hotwires as they will always try to get close and chuck C4 on you. Keep your distance moderate and aim slightly ahead of where they are traveling. Remember it only takes ONE timed C4 to destroy a Stealth Tank (400 HP) so if the enemy doe damage to get one on you, attempt to remove it immediately!

Another effective Tactic which could seem a little underhanded is just simply sneaking up behind an enemy formation of tanks (while keeping your cloak) and running over the engineers/hotwires while they are busy repairing the tanks, this is VERY effective and could easily turn the tide of battle in your favor, not only do you kill those keeping the tanks alive but now your in the postion to flank them and fire on them from behind, basically 90% of the time they get completely owned. -They rarely see you because they are so focused on the main battle in front of them, but only works if there actually is a battle to distract them.

[edit] The rush

The Stealth Tank Rush or "Stank Rush" is only effective if people work as a team. You MUST follow the directions of others in order for this to work, do not go off on your own little campaign against that Humvee. You never know there maybe a 1000 credit character inside. Head straight to the enemy base without being seen and concentrate your fire upon ONE target at a time. DO NOT split the stank rush or you severely reduce it's effectiveness. Stick together and back each other up where-ever possible. If you get spotted, retreat and regroup. On City, take another path. On Mesa hide in one of the infantry tunnels. On under hide on the hilltop near the sniper vantage. On Field hide behind the wooden hut in the center of the map. Once you have lost the enemy, move out again and attempt to correct your previous mistakes. Also try to stay clear of other Nod units which are not stealthed. They tend to draw unwanted attention your way.

[edit] More information

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