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You can put here any useful programs you may have found, I have found this idea on the PublicRenegadeForums here.


[edit] Renegade FDS - Most recent version of Renegade FDS. - Most recent version of Renegade FDS for Linux. - Core Patch 2 Improved server functions - Serveral fixes for server flawes - Several server.dat fixes to some important bugs. Also contains BIATCH, a serverside anti-cheat system. - SSGM 2.0.2 - No Gameplay Pending patch by v00d00

[edit] Renegade Regulators - Main page for BRenBot made by Blazer + Mac - Automatic BRenBot authorization with impostor protection via mIRC - BRenBot plugin for client side auth support - Main page for BlazeRegulator .Net made by Dante - CloudyServ Bot for FDS made by CloudyOne + [biatch]\BadBoy - JBServ Bot for Renegade FDS, created by bond5820, this bot is updated very frequently. - RenMontior, an mIRC script that provides a GUI to moderate BR .Net servers with. - Main page for NightRegulator made by Nightma12 - Winrem wrapper for renrem for the Renegade FDS.

[edit] Mods / Mod tools - XCC Mixer, used to open, extract and add files to .mix and .dat files. - Renegade Public Tools.. - RenAlert public tools. - RenAlert FDS. - RenAlert full. - RenAlert Patches.

[edit] Maps / Mappacks - End of Evolution Clan's Deathmatch Tournament Map Pack - UberMapPack with ~250 maps. Mappacks needed to play on UNRULES New Maps Server

[edit] Misc. Shows online servers and the players in the server. Allows you to search for someone on the WOL (XWIS) servers

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