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There are a great number of warhead types, with varying effectiveness against the plethora of shield types. The following list is taken directly from Level Edit:


[edit] Warhead Types

[edit] Steel

Used in the ramjet, chain gun, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher, this type of warhead is especially effective against infantry and lightly-armoured vehicles. There is also a "steel_nobuilding" warhead which is the same thing as steel except it does no damage against buildings; that warhead is used in the AGT guns.

[edit] Shrapnel

Used for the shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, and pistol, shrapnel does very little damage against vehicles, intended specially for use against infantry - although carries moderate damage against lightly armoured vehicles. With the exception of the the assault rifle, the projectiles' velocities default to 400 (ie, instant/untraceable).

[edit] Explosive

This type of warhead is only used as the warhead for normal explosions, that of rocket launchers and such. There is also an "explosive_nobuilding" for the AGT launcher.

[edit] Shell

The warhead used in vehicles such as tanks that have an explosive bullet.

[edit] Flamethrower

Obviously, the warhead used by the flamethrower. Does lasting burn damage to infantry units, but does little against heavy vehicles.

===Tiberium Raw=== One of the three tiberium warheads, it is used in tiberium explosions. Does lasting chemical damage to infantry and is marginally effective against vehicles.

[edit] Tiberium Bullet

Used by a direct hit from the Tiberium Auto Rifle. It is more effective against vehicles than its cousin tiberium warheads.

[edit] Tiberium Shrapnel

The tiberium equivalent of the "shrapnel" warhead. It does decent damage to infantry, but is virtually useless against vehicles. It does the lasting corrosive damage signature to tiberium.

[edit] C4

Basically, it's a warhead that fires C4. It's not the explosion, but the actual C4 object

[edit] Laser

Used by the rail gun, laser rifle, and laser chain rifle. Does lasting burn damage and is very efective against both infantry and vehicles. There is also a "laser_no building" which is used by the Obelisk.

[edit] Repair

A warhead specially intended for weapons that are meant to repair vehicles, buildings, and infantry. To be effective, the damage value has to be set to a negative number. Used only by the engineer's and advanced repair guns.

[edit] Ion Cannon

A warhead for the Ion Cannon Beacon, the Volt Auto Rifle, and Personal Ion Cannon. Does short-lasting electric damage to infantry and is even more effective against vehicles than "laser" is.

[edit] Nuke

Is used soley for the Nuclear Strike Beacon. Normally does fire damage, but both beacons do zero damage and are scripted to plant beacons instead of fire a warhead.

[edit] Fire

This warhead is for the explosion of the Nuclear Strike. Does, to anything that survives the explosion, short-lasting fire damage.

[edit] Chem

This is not a warhead used in any weapons or explosions, but is available for map/mod-maker's use.

[edit] Electric

Like fire, this warhead is meant only for the Ion Cannon Strike. It does brief electric damage to infantry.

[edit] Visceroid

Also an impractical warhead. No default weapons use this, in either single or multiplayer.

===Earth=== The warhead for falling damage. Only effects infantry.

===Others=== There are also other warheads, "RegenHealth," "BlamoKiller," "Death," and "Harmless," which are of no particular interest except "BlamoKiller," which kills everything, including Purchase Terminals.

[edit] Shield Types

There are a number of different shield categories used for different objects and one that does not classify. The categories are listed here.

[edit] Blamo

Makes a building/vehicle/unit invincible. Is used for Purchase Terminals, the Nod Cargo Plane, and other invicible objects, such as certain targetable animations and objects in single player.

[edit] Skin

Used especially for the health of certain objects. Yields less points than Shield does. Among the skins are Flesh, FlameThrower, ChemWarrior, Mutant, VehicleLight, VehicleMedium, VehicleHeavy, StructureLight, StructureMedium, StructureHeavy, and MCT, all used for different objects in Single Player, and, in the case of Flesh, Multiplayer.

[edit] Shield

There is a Shield for every Skin, except that Flesh is the equivalent of Kevlar, for obvious reasons. Shield, on infantry and vehicles, is worth more points than Skin is, but has the same value on buildings.

[edit] CNC

CNC shields are used mostly for Multiplayer. There is a CNCVehicleSkin, CNCVehicleLight, CNCVehicleMedium, CNCVehicleHeavy, CNCMCTSkin, CNCStructureLight, CNCStructureMedium, and CNCStructureHeavy.

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