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This is just a paste from zunnie's excellent BRenBot tutorial. It needs formatting and prettying up.

BRenBot 1.50 Installation Guide


What is BRenBot

BRenBot is a Remote Administration program for the Renegade FDS. Its used to enable in-game and IRC server administration allowing people to kick, allow, ban, gameover games on demand.

You, as the server owner, can add people to the Half Moderator, Moderator and Admin lists (moderators.brf) from your server so that they can kick players who break your server rules for example.

BRenBot 1.50 is available on the LMSBC website.

BRenBot and mIRC

The "base" for BRenBot is IRC. From IRC you can fully optimize BRenBot the way you want it to be, this said, it is a requirement for you to have mIRC. BRenBot transmits everything that is happening in the server to IRC such as the F2-chat, F3-chat, vehicle purchases, as well as some commands that can only be executed from mIRC.

So before you even consider reading on, you better make sure you have mIRC. If you have not got mIRC and have no idea what i am talking about, then locate your ass on this page and read it all. Get mIRC here

IRC Specific Legend: Text highlighted in gold must be typed exactly as shown, where text highlighted in limegreen can be changed to anything you want yourself. Take a note that #channelnames , passwords and emails should be what YOU want or have.

Setting up your own IRC-Channel

Open up mIRC and connect to MP-irc.net, irc.n00bstories.com, irc.black-cell.net, or any other IRC network of your choice. To join the channel you want to have as your BRenBot 'base' type: /join #MyChannel [enter] Take a look at this screenshot if you are unsure where to type the /blabla commands.

You should automatically get an @ sign in front of your nickname which basically means that you are the "Operator/Owner/Admin" of this channel. Now you can register your Channel so that it actually becomes "your channel". Type the following in order to register the channel as being yours: /cs register #MyChannel ChannelIdentifyPassword RenegadeServer [enter]

In the future you will need to Identify yourself as the Channel Owner by typing: /cs identify #MyBRenBotChannel YourPassword [enter]

Set BRenBot Nickname on IRC Now think of a nickname you want for your BRenBot, this has to

be an unique nickname and cannot be already registered by someone else. Temporary change your nickname to the nickname you want the bot to have by typing: /nick MyBRenBotNick [enter]

You need to register this nickname as well on the irc server so type: /ns register Password MyEmail@email.com [enter]

Ok, now you have registered 1) Your own nickname, 2) BRenBots nickname and 3) The channel. Make sure you add the bots nickname you just registered to the auto-op list, type: /cs sop #MyBRenBotChannel add MyBRenBotNick [enter] Now your BRenBot will automatically get set as channel operator and get an @-sign in front of its nickname.

Channel Modes

If you right click inside the Chatarea of the Channel you can access the "Channel Modes", here you can set several options such as the Channel Topic (The channel name/title) etc:

   * - Topic History = Here you can set the Channel Topic/Title
   * - Only Ops Set Topic = Setting this will only allow Channel Ops to change the title.
   * - No External Messages = People cant send messages to the channel without being in it.
   * - Invite Only = Do NOT enable this.
   * - Moderated = People cannot talk in the channel unless they are given a voice ( v)
   * - Key = Leave this empty for NO-password, enter any password here to put a 'key' on the channel.
   * - Limit To = Leave this empty to have no maximum of people on your channel, enter any number to limit.
   * - Private = Not listed on the /list command
   * - Secret = Not listed on the /list command 
Set Users to have auto-voice etc

Any users that join your Channel should register their nicknames as i descibed above, if they dont know mIRC very well tell them to read this irc guide. If they have done this, you can add them to your channel's VOP/HOP/AOP/SOP list.

VOP = Auto-voice ( v ) HOP = Auto-Half Op ( h %) AOP = Auto-Op ( o @) SOP = Auto-Admin ( oa @)

Suppose your friend has joined your channel on IRC and you want to give him auto-voice, auto-halfop, auto-op or auto-admin to do this you type:

/cs identify #MyBRenBotChannel Password [enter] /cs vop #MyBRenBotChannel add MyFriendsNickName0 [enter] /cs hop #MyBRenBotChannel add MyFriendsNickname1 [enter] /cs aop #MyBRenBotChannel add MyFriendsNickname2 [enter] /cs sop #MyBRenBotChannel add MyFriendsNickname3 [enter] They need to identify with NickServ (/ns identify password) to get automatic voiced.

Server.ini Configuration

Setup ports, speeds and remote administration options

Browse for your RenegadeFDS/Server directory where you have installed -yes you guessed it right- your FDS Server :P and open the file called server.ini Note that text written in yellow are comments i make, do NOT copy them into your server.ini Search and set the following options in server.ini to the values listed below (default):

   * Port=4848
     This is the Game Port, the port that the server will accept incoming connections on.
     Port 4848 is the Default Renegade Server UDP Port. You may need to open this port in your firewall.
   * GameSpyGamePort=0
     This port MUST be zero (0) if you host the server on WOL.
     The only exception for this is when you host the server primarily on GameSpy, then set this to 4848.
     This port is UDP and you may need to open this port in your firewall.
   * GameSpyQueryPort=0
     This port MUST be zero (0) if you host the server on WOL.
     The only exception for this is when you host the server primarily on GameSpy, then set this to 25300.
     This port is UDP again so you may need to open this port in your firewall.
   * BandwidthUp=10000000
     Here you need to set your servers' UPSTREAM connection speed. If you dont know your
     servers effective uploadspeed then set this to zero (0). If you do know your
     servers effective uploadspeed then enter this here in bytes to speed up the server.
   * NetUpdateRate=30
     The NUR controls how many times per second the Server sends updates to the Players
     connected. The higher this value (max=30) the more bandwidth usage, the lower this
     value the less bandwidth usage. Note that too low or too high values will lag the server
     you will have to find a value suitable to your server, a good default value is 20.
   * AllowRemoteAdmin=True
     Obviously you want this enabled, so set it to true
   * RemoteAdminPassword=password
     Extremely important: This password MUST be exactly 8 (eight) characters
     long and it CANNOT start with a number.
   * RemoteAdminIP=
     Leave this option completely blank, do enter NOTHING.
   * RemoteAdminPort=4949
     This is the port the server will listen on for administration purposes.
     A good default port would be 4949, you do not need to open this
     port in your firewall because it will be accessed locally only by brenbot.

Brenbot.cfg Configuration

Setup botname, remoteadmin options

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