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The following are the rules that will be enforced for posting on this wiki. Please note this list can change at any time

  1. If a list is specified to be in alphabetical order, leave it in that order.
  2. Do not remove a {{biased}} tag from an article unless the "discussion" page lists all the changes that must be made to remove the bias from the article. Repeated violators will be banned.
  3. This wiki is run by Blackhand Studios, so assume a moderate bias towards BHS owned, operated, or affiliated sites and services.
  4. Do NOT sign your articles with your username. Your username or IP is attached to the changes you make. In order to keep this wiki looking like an unbiased resource, leave your name off. If someone wants to know the source of any information, this software makes it available to them.
  5. DO NOT USE REMOTELY-HOSTED IMAGES! The websites in this community come and go. Use the Upload feature to upload images to this server.
  6. DO NOT LINK TO DOWNLOADS ON NON-BHS WEBSITES! The websites in this community come and go, so ensure that links don't die by uploading them to the wiki or linking to a BHS-owned website.
  7. Please keep discussion about the character or vehicle properties on those pages, and discussion about specific weapon details on the weapon pages whenever possible. This will avoid double coverage and make things cleaner.

If you are bored and looking for an easy way to help out, here are some suggestions:

  1. Go into articles and add wiki links to related articles. For example, if you see a reference to "Stealth Tanks" you can replace the word with [[The Stealth Tank|Stealth Tanks]]. The "|" pipe separates the actual name of the wiki article (first) with the words that will actually appear in the text (second).
  2. In any article that uses an abbreviation, either change the abbreviation to the full word, or link to the abbreviations page, such as: Beware the dreaded [[The Stealth Tank|stank]] rush.
  3. Check pages with bias and try to remove the cause of impartiality.
  4. Also, create redirect links for certain articles. For example, to get to the medium tank page, you have to type in 'The Medium Tank'. People would just type in 'Medium Tank' and search. To create a the top of the page. Type '#REDIRECT [[Name of Actual Page]]' without the quotes into the page and save.

PLEASE NOTE the following common misspellings:

  • It's technician, not technican
  • It's refinery, not refinary
  • It's Nod, not NOD
  • It's GDI. not Gdi or gdi
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